Drama unfolds as Michael Magz opens up on why he blocked Holy Ten in eye-opening interview


Former associate Michael Magz opens up about bitterness towards Holy Ten

In a candid interview with DJ Ollah on his podcast, Michael Magz, a former associate of Holy Ten, recently shared his feelings towards the artist. The interview shed light on the bitterness that developed between the two after Magz was mentioned in one of Holy Ten’s songs, ultimately leading to their severed ties.

Initially, Magz claimed he harboured no ill feelings towards Holy Ten even after resigning from their professional relationship. However, everything changed when he became the subject of Holy Ten’s track, “We don’t do it here,” which contained disses aimed at several individuals, including Magz. Feeling slighted by the song, Magz decided to unfollow and block all of Holy Ten’s social media pages, distancing himself from the artist.

In response to Holy Ten’s song, Magz released his own verse that took aim at the artist, further fuelling the tension between them.

During the interview, Magz revealed that he had informed Holy Ten about his resignation two weeks prior to his departure. However, the drama escalated when Holy Ten publicly announced Magz’s resignation on social media, catching him off guard.

“I wasn’t bitter but I became bitter when I was mentioned in Holy Ten’s song We don’t do it here where he was dissing a lot of people including me. Even when I resigned, I was still talking to him but I became bitter when I was mentioned in a song. I even unfollowed and blocked all the pages of Holy Ten. I don’t want anything to do with these people,” he said.

“I sent the resignation three days later and that’s when the drama started. He posted on the internet saying I have resigned. I didn’t announce that I had resigned because I know how these things end as people will starting concluding things themselves. I wasn’t the first person to vent on the internet but he was the one who took it on social media that I had resigned.

“The main thing that led to my resignation was the fact that people were now saying Michael Magz is now making a lot of money but to me I was asking myself why it was hard for me to get the money because I produced the Ucharamba Uchipisa album,” he said.

“In studio, working with Holy Ten was nice. The thing with him is in a closed place when you are alone its really good vibes but when it comes to the things that come from the people out there he’s the person who has to stand for himself even if it means he has to tarnish people’s names so that he remains on the safe side,” he said.

The fallout between Michael Magz and Holy Ten serves as a reminder of the complexities that can arise in professional relationships within the music industry. It also underscores the significance of effective communication and maintaining a balance between public image and personal connections.

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