I’ll tell you a little secret: Dr Stop It reveals who is pocketing US$20 for new passport QR code


My Dear People

I warned you repeatedly about the parasitic nature of the Lacoste cabal well before that cowardly coup against Gushungo seven years ago.

Some of you thought what I was doing through those famous interface rallies where I humiliated the likes of Joji and Kaukonde was about power, but it was my own way of warning people about the mistake they were making by supporting the coup.

Your new rulers (well, they are no longer new after seven years of frenzied looting) grabbed power in order to amass wealth for their big families and not to improve your lives.

If you think I am being dramatic look at what Mthuli and Ngwena’s son have just done to your pockets.

Their 2024 budget is a vehicle for looting at an industrial scale.

After MPs forced them to reduce their proposed passport fees from US$200 to US$150, they decided to be clever by adding a US$20 fee for a QR code on the travel document.

That effectively means that an ordinary passport has gone up from US$120 to US$170!

It is now more expensive to obtain a passport in Zimbabwe than anywhere else in the region.

The reason behind this absurdity is that the issuing of passports has become a very lucrative looting channel for the owners of this wretched country.

That US$20 for the so-called QR code is going to the vaults of a certain financial institution whose real owners are hiding in plain sight.

I will tell you a little secret. Mthuli had very little input in the 2024 budget as he has become a lame duck in the ministry.

That budget was crafted by a kitchen cabinet whose members include some oligarchs whose influence on government policies has grown exponentially since the coup.

I can tell you without any fear of contradiction that the so-called QR code money is going into the pockets of the cabal that is now running the economy outside formal government structures.

Then you want to tell me about a so-called new dispensation.


Still on Mthuli. What a start to the New Year! His decision to remove VAT exemptions on many basic goods can only mean more suffering for the majority of our people.

The removal of the exemptions mean that from this month you will be paying 15% more on most groceries. It means that the cost of living is going to shoot through the roof.

After the August 23 heist that was aided by Faz, the cabal does not care anymore and they will introduce even more punitive measures as they are confident that they closed all avenues for Zimbabweans to express their disgust over the failed regime through peaceful protests.

Charlatans such as Joji continue to exaggerate their importance in the scheme of things and they thrive because the so-called second repubric is led by people who lack probity.

Joji has been all over social media platforms such as X claiming that CCC is planning solidarity marches in support of the unjustly incarcerated Jacob Sikhala.

The former PSMAS board member, who became infamous for contributing to the collapse of the ailing medical aid scheme than improving its fortunes, gleefully warned that the imaginary protests will be crushed.

Well, we know him from the Gushungo days that he thrives on conspiracy theories and outright lies to remain relevant.

He knows that he is not trusted by his superiors and that is why he has to go to ridiculous lengths to show that he is still of any use to his handlers.

And who ever lied to him that proficiency in Victorian English shows that he is intelligent did him a huge service.

Have you ever noticed how quick he is to label everyone he disagrees with dull? Kikikiki

My attention was drawn to a picture of Ngwena at his farm in Kwekwe where he was inspecting his potato crop while clad in his trademark scarf.

I have been quietly wondering why the Lacoste leader has to torture himself by putting that thing on his neck all the time whether it’s in winter or in summer.

I think it is high time a commission of enquiry is launched to get to the bottom of the scarfgate. There is more to it than just patriotism! Kikiki

Nicky claims that he is on leave but he continues churning lie after lie on X. He is another one who is going to embarrassing lengths to show his loyalty to Ngwena.

However, I am glad that daddy is always on hand to rebut his shameful lies.

I laughed my lungs out when I saw someone cautioning a former deputy minister on a WhatsApp group to always take whatever Nicky posts on social media with a pinch of salt.

The deputy minister was insisting that the Warriors will be at the Afcon 2024 finals in Ivory Coast and cited the prolific information secretary as the source of the information.

The warning to the poor deputy minister was that anything said by Nicky has to be fact-checked and I fully associate myself with that wise counsel!


Stop It!

Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake) The Standard.

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