Late Zaoga founder Ezekiel Guti’s driver for 20 years speaks out


SITTING in the lounge of her plush Glen Lorne mansion, Archbishop Eunor Guti’s eyes reflect a life etched with devotion and quiet fortitude. This sprawling edifice, a testament to the legacy of her late husband, Ezekiel Guti, stands in stark contrast to the humble homestead of her youth.

For several years, she was the bedrock, the confidante, and the silent co-pilot navigating the extraordinary journey of the founder of ZAOGA FIF church, a spiritual beacon shining across 166 nations.

Speaking ahead of the launch of her biography titled Eunor Guti, she shared rare memories with one of Zimbabwe’s illustrious religious leaders, Ezekiel Guti. Eunor unveiled details about her book, not just as a literary creation, but as a heartfelt tribute to her late husband, the man who shaped her into the woman she is today.

Her voice, seasoned with the richness of time and experience, resonated with gratitude as she acknowledged his instrumental role in her life. “For 20 years, I was his personal driver. We would go everywhere together. It is fun how he taught me to drive. He took me to an area just after Hunyani River along Harare-Masvingo Road. He explained how the foot brake works and how to accelerate and change gears,” she said.

“Thereafter, he let me drive the car all alone. The car veered off and fear engulfed me. We prayed. Since that time after taking my driver’s licence, I would take him everywhere he wanted.”

Her words carrying the weight of love and loss, Eunor described how the late ZAOGA FIF leader influenced her life. “There were times when I served as his personal assistant, and he would wake me up, sharing his thoughts and ideas, urging me to put them into writing,” she said.

Eunor said the late preacher was a beacon of encouragement, instilling in her a thirst for knowledge and a relentless pursuit of education. “My husband encouraged me to work hard and instilled in me a love for education,” she reminisced, her voice tracing the contours of memory.

“I began as a State registered nurse, but he sent me to various schools to pursue additional courses. With his unwavering support, I completed a bookkeeping course and obtained my degree.”

The late Guti’s influence transcended the realm of academics. He understood the importance of nurturing not just the mind, but also the heart and his teachings spilled over into the everyday fabric of their lives.

Eunor shared an anecdote, her eyes glistening with a playful glint. “At one point, he even sent me to school to learn how to cook, although I already knew how,” she chuckled.

“However, he wanted me to learn how to feed a hundred people or more. His teachings extended to cultivating love, which I still carry with me today. ”Today, Eunor’s book will finally see the light of day. Its pages, brimming with personal and professional experiences, promise to be a treasure trove of insights for readers. It will be a poignant ode to her late husband, a testament to the transformative power of love and support, and a beacon of inspiration for anyone seeking to navigate the journey of personal growth and success.

Beyond the pages of the book lies a deeper purpose. Eunor said all proceeds from the book will go to the Ezekiel Junior Legacy School, a school for children with special needs in Harare.

“This is a fitting tribute to both Professor Ezekiel Guti’s dedication to education and his unwavering support for those facing challenges, and to Ezekiel Junior’s spirit of resilience and the inspiration he brought to his family and community,” she said.

“Ezekiel Jr faced his challenges with such courage and grace, and he taught us all so much about love and acceptance. My husband was always passionate about helping children with special needs, and I know he would be so proud of what we are doing with the Ezekiel Junior Legacy School.” NewsDay.

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