LATEST: Opposition leader flees, leaves passport at Chirundu border post


PF Member Chishimba Kambwili ‘flees’ to Zimbabwe

In a surprising turn of events, Chishimba Kambwili, a member of the Patriotic Front (PF) party, has reportedly left Zambia for Zimbabwe in violation of the law. The Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security, Jack Mwiimbu, revealed that preliminary investigations indicate that Kambwili, who was scheduled to be evacuated to South Africa for medical treatment, chose to travel to Zimbabwe instead.

According to Mwiimbu, on January 30, 2024, an unidentified Zimbabwean individual presented Mr Kambwili’s passport to the immigration officer. However, when asked to have the passport holder appear before the officer for clearance, the person left the document behind at the counter. This action by Kambwili is considered a breach of the law as he crossed into Zimbabwe without obtaining clearance from the immigration officer and left his passport behind.

Chishimba Kambwili

During a joint press briefing in Lusaka with Health Minister Sylvia Masebo, Mwiimbu disclosed that Kambwili was driven into Zimbabwe by a vehicle bearing a Zimbabwean registration plate. He clarified that Kambwili’s passport was not confiscated but rather left at the immigration office at the Chirundu border post.

Mwiimbu added that unless Kambwili possesses alternative documentation, it is presumed that he remains in Zimbabwe. Meanwhile, Masebo stated that Kambwili had initially been cleared for evacuation to South Africa to seek medical attention but decided to leave for Zimbabwe instead.

Masebo further explained that when the Ministry was arranging his evacuation, Kambwili had requested to be taken to the United Kingdom for medical treatment. However, the government was unable to facilitate this request as its existing connections for medical referrals are limited to India and South Africa.

The sudden departure of Chishimba Kambwili to Zimbabwe has raised questions about his intentions and actions, leaving authorities and the public seeking further clarification on this perplexing situation.

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