I’m ready to lead Zimbabwe: Political landscape shaken as Chamisa launches bold mobilization drive

Mr Nelson Chamisa

Nelson Chamisa launches mobilization drive for new political movement

In a bid to reshape the political landscape of Zimbabwe, former Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader Nelson Chamisa has launched a mobilization drive for his new political movement, which is set to be unveiled soon. Chamisa’s loyalists, including former legislators Amos Chibaya and Gift Ostallos Siziba, took the stage in Mutare to address supporters during the inaugural mobilization program.

Prominent opposition figures, such as former lawmakers Regai Tsunga and David Chimhini, were also present at the meeting, demonstrating their support for Chamisa’s new venture. However, Chikanga legislator Lynette Karenyi-Kore was notably absent from the gathering.

Chamisa’s decision to step down from the CCC last month was motivated by his belief that the party had been infiltrated by Zanu PF. He cited the actions of self-imposed interim secretary-general Sengezo Tshabangu, who had purged several CCC legislators from Parliament. Chamisa and his supporters now consider the CCC to be a thing of the past.

Speaking to NewsDay, Siziba emphasized the need to present a new message of hope and a fresh vision for Zimbabwe under President Chamisa. He stressed the importance of promoting democracy in the face of authoritarian consolidation and reiterated Chamisa’s legitimacy as the leader of the alternative movement.

Despite attempts by a rival faction to lure Chamisa back to their party, he has firmly declined their offers. Siziba confirmed that similar meetings would be held in all provinces, with Masvingo being the next destination on their agenda.

“We are now building from the rubble. The remnants of the struggle, we are building from there,” Siziba explained.

“CCC is no longer the vehicle for the future. The grassroots are clear. They are rallying behind Nelson Chamisa. They reaffirmed the social contract between them and their leader.”

Chamisa himself spoke about the unique political movement he is forming, describing it as a new and unprecedented approach. He emphasized that he aims to be a leader for Zimbabwe, rather than just a party leader, offering a fresh perspective to the country’s political landscape.

“I am ready to lead Zimbabwe and not a party. Zimbabwe needs a leader, a unifying leader, not a party leader,” Chamisa stated. He highlighted that since 1980, the country’s leadership had been occupied by party leaders rather than national leaders. This new political movement, according to Chamisa, represents a previously unexplored path towards addressing the challenges Zimbabwe faces.

As the mobilization drive gains momentum, Chamisa’s supporters eagerly anticipate the unveiling of his new political movement. With his sights set on leading the nation, Chamisa seeks to bring about a transformative change that transcends party boundaries and unifies Zimbabwe under a shared vision for the future.

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