Disturbing Incident: Police officer found dead with stab wound


In a tragic incident, a police officer stationed at ZRP Pfupajena station in Chegutu was discovered dead on Friday night. The circumstances surrounding his death remain unclear.

The deceased, 35-year-old Elisha Munengerwa, had been assigned to Kaguvi Primary Polling station for the by-elections. According to a memo dated February 3, the Munengerwa died upon admission at hospital. He was found with a deep cut on his left arm, raising concerns about the cause of his demise.

According to reports, an informant named Farai Chifodya was sleeping in his tuckshop around 3 am when he heard groaning sounds nearby. Upon investigation, he discovered Munengerwa lying injured and bleeding profusely. Acting swiftly, Farai rushed to report the incident at ZRP Pfupajena.

Upon reaching the scene, the police confirmed that the injured individual was their fellow officer. They immediately arranged for Munengerwa to be transported to Chegutu Hospital, where he was sadly pronounced dead upon arrival.

The memo indicated that the deceased had a deep cut on his front left lower arm, suggesting a possible knife-inflicted wound. Strikingly, a trail of blood was found, stretching approximately 100 meters from the spot where Munengerwa was discovered. Additionally, signs of a struggle were evident.

The investigation into this tragic incident is ongoing, with the case registered under RRB 5785652. Authorities are working diligently to unravel the circumstances surrounding the death of the police officer and bring clarity to this distressing situation.

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