Lula lula fracas as man impregnates South Africa-based brother’s wife

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Bulawayo man seeks protection from brother’s vicious attacks

In a heart-wrenching tale of betrayal and family discord, Patson Ncube of Bulawayo’s Selborne Park suburb found himself at the mercy of his own younger brother, Shelton Khumalo. What began as an act of kindness, offering shelter to Khumalo while Ncube worked in South Africa, soon turned into a nightmare of infidelity and violence.

Ncube’s world crumbled when he discovered that his wife was pregnant during a visit to their shared home. Shockingly, she confessed that it was Khumalo who had impregnated her, shattering any semblance of trust between the brothers.

Devastated and seeking answers, Ncube confronted Khumalo, hoping for some explanation or remorse. Instead, he was met with a torrent of insults and a physical assault that left him battered and bruised. But the torment didn’t end there.

Accusing his brother of infecting him with an undisclosed disease, Ncube now lives in constant fear, sleeping with one eye open as Khumalo continues to threaten him with a gruesome death by axe.

In a bid to protect himself from further harm, Ncube sought legal recourse and filed for a protection order at the Bulawayo magistrates’ court. In his affidavit, he detailed the physical and emotional abuse he endured at the hands of his brother. “The respondent (Shelton Khumalo) has been physically and emotionally abusing me. He threatens to kill me with an axe and chases me out of the house. He accuses me of infecting him with a disease that he has not named,” Ncube stated.

During the court proceedings, Khumalo vehemently denied the allegations, painting a different picture of events. “I have never threatened to kill him. His wife came to my room and slept on my bed. I’m very sick because of his wife who infected me with a disease,” Khumalo claimed in his defence.

Following careful consideration of the evidence, Magistrate Amanda Ndlovu granted Ncube the much-needed protection order. Khumalo was sternly instructed to refrain from any physical assault, verbal abuse, or death threats towards his brother.

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