Siblings in crime: 5 brothers in custody for armed robbery offences


Madzima Brothers: A family’s infamy grows as siblings face charges for armed robbery

In a country where cases of siblings involved in crime are sadly not uncommon, the Madzima brothers have recently catapulted themselves into a new level of infamy. Shadreck, Talent, Brian, Tatenda, and Lameck Madzima, five brothers are currently in police custody for their alleged involvement in various armed robbery cases, according to police records.

This is not the first encounter with the law for Shadreck and Talent. In 2016, after serving a prison term, the brothers, aged 40 and 30 respectively at the time, were released. However, it appears that their time behind bars did little to deter them from their criminal activities. Shortly after their release, the duo reportedly teamed up with accomplices and committed a heinous crime: the rape and robbery of a woman at the Apostolic Faith Mission Church in Waterfalls, Harare. The victim was stripped of US$800 in cash. Presently, both Shadreck and Talent find themselves behind bars once again, awaiting trial for a range of offences, primarily armed robbery.

Unfortunately, the notorious habits of Shadreck and Talent seem to have been passed down to their younger siblings, Brian (27), Lameck (28), and Tatenda (30). These three brothers, along with their alleged accomplice Roman Badza (28), were recently apprehended after being accused of robbing a family in Harare on January 13, earlier this year. What makes their capture all the more intriguing is the fact that the brothers turned on each other, providing crucial information to the authorities.

The chain of events leading to their arrest began on February 1, when detectives from the CID Homicide Harare received a tip-off that Brian had been brought to the Harare Magistrates’ Court (CRB 683/24) for his involvement in the robbery of a family residing in Dzivaresekwa Extension, Harare. During questioning, Brian revealed the whereabouts of his accomplices, claiming that they were in Epworth. He further confessed that his brother Lameck had possession of the firearm used in the crime. Acting swiftly on this information, detectives from the CID Homicide Harare apprehended Lameck the following day in the Muguta area of Epworth. Lameck, in turn, implicated Tatenda and two other individuals. Tatenda’s arrest swiftly followed in Budiriro 4, Harare.

Appearing before magistrate Mr Donald Ndirowei on February 4, the three Madzima brothers were remanded in custody until February 20. They will face the full weight of the law as they answer for their alleged offences.

The Madzima brothers’ case serves as a chilling reminder of the prevalence of criminal activities within families in Zimbabwe. While the reasons behind their descent into a life of crime remain unknown, the impact on the victims and their communities is undeniable. As the wheels of justice turn, the nation waits to see how the story of the Madzima brothers unfolds, hoping for a resolution that brings about a safer and more secure society for all.

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