Trusted physician turns perpetrator as doctor rapes 13-year-old patient during examination


In a startling incident that has sent shockwaves through the community, a medical doctor based in Binga, Jabulani Dube (58), has been arrested on charges of allegedly raping his 13-year-old patient during a medical examination. Dube, who operates Binga Medical Centre, was apprehended last week, and the Matabeleland North provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Glory Banda, has confirmed the arrest.

According to details obtained from a police memo, the incident occurred on February 7, 2024, at approximately 9 pm. The victim and her mother visited Binga Medical Centre seeking medical assistance. Upon their arrival, Dube instructed the complainant to enter his consultation room, while her mother remained in the reception area. Disturbingly, an hour later, the mother heard a scream emanating from the doctor’s room, prompting her to rush to investigate.

To her dismay, she encountered Dube leaving the room. He attempted to reassure her that everything was fine and requested that she take a seat. However, the mother, sensing something amiss, persisted in questioning the doctor about her daughter’s well-being. As they engaged in a heated argument at the entrance, the young girl suddenly pushed open the door to the doctor’s room and fled the surgery without uttering a word, leaving the mother and doctor perplexed.

The police report reveals that Dr Dube and the girl’s mother subsequently searched for the missing child around the medical centre but failed to locate her. Concerned, the mother decided to check their home, where she discovered her daughter in tears. When she inquired about what had transpired, the traumatized girl disclosed that Dr Dube had raped her.

According to the police memo, when confronted with the allegations, Dr Dube began apologizing and pleaded for forgiveness. The distraught mother wasted no time in reporting the incident to the Binga police, leading to Dube’s arrest in Lusulu, where he had gone to attend to another surgery. Following his initial court appearance, Dube was remanded in custody.

The community of Binga is grappling with shock and disbelief over the allegations against a trusted medical professional. The case highlights the importance of safeguarding the vulnerable, especially in sensitive medical environments. As the investigation unfolds, authorities are determined to ensure that justice is served for the young victim and her family, while also sending a strong message that such egregious acts will not be tolerated.

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