Mayhem at school as deputy headmaster brutally bashes principal and teachers with baseball bat

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Violence recently erupted at Amazon Christian College, a private school in Insiza District, Matabeleland South Province when the deputy headmaster went on a rampage, brutally assaulting the principal and other teachers with a baseball bat and the attack left the principal in the intensive care unit.

This reportedly occurred after the principal, Progress Ncube, intended to issue the deputy headmaster Vusa Ncube a written warning for threatening other staff members.

As a result of the brutal attack by his subordinate, the principal sustained severe injuries and is reportedly admitted to the intensive care unit at a local private hospital.

Martha Ncube, the principal’s wife and a fellow teacher at the school, also suffered injuries. She sustained a broken arm, a head wound and bleeding from the nose and ears.

Another teacher, Simangaliso Jamela, was left with a swollen arm, a head injury and bleeding from the ear.

The near fatal incident, which happened on 9 April, was confirmed by Matabeleland South police spokesperson, Inspector Loveness Mangena. Insp Mangena stated that investigations are ongoing, and the alleged perpetrator, Vusa, has not yet been arrested.

“It was around 9am when deputy head, Vusa Ncube, allegedly assaulted the principal, Progress Ncube and other teachers with a baseball bat.

“What happened is that the deputy head had previously threatened colleagues, prompting them to report him to the principal. The principal reportedly intended to issue a written warning after counselling him.

“Before doing so, the principal called in other teachers to witness the process. Those called in were his wife, Martha Ncube, who is also a teacher, along with Simangaliso Jamela and Simbarashe Maseko,” said a source from the school, who preferred anonymity.

The source said when the principal instructed the deputy head to sign the warning, he stood up and went to his office.

“He returned wielding a baseball bat. He began threatening the principal. Jamela then intervened, restraining him before taking him outside the office. Their argument continued there and in a sudden rage, Vusa attacked Jamela with the bat”.

Hearing Jamela’s cries for help, the source said the principal rushed outside, to find him being assaulted by Vusa.

“The principal intervened, restraining him (Vusa). However, he broke free and turned his rage on the principal, striking him repeatedly with the bat.

“Witnessing the severity of the principal’s injuries, Maseko rushed to the cottages to get a car to take the principal to the hospital. Seizing the opportunity, with the principal’s wife now alone, Vusa attacked her as well,” said the source.

A source at Mater Dei Hospital confirmed that Progress was receiving treatment in the Intensive Care Unit.

A healthcare practitioner, who spoke to this publication on condition of anonymity for professional reasons, revealed that Progress sustained four skull fractures and swelling in his brain.

“He’s not talking and his head is swollen from the injuries he sustained,” said the source.

Contacted for a comment, Martha said, “I’m in intense pain. I was just discharged from the hospital today (Wednesday) after having hand surgery. I can’t say much right now.”

Jamela said he was unable to speak to the Press. BMetro.

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