Man hears a loud bang at midnight, peeps through the window and witnesses terrifying scene


A LOUD bang in the middle of the night startled Maurice Mbengo (55) who laboured about the source of the explosion.

With darkness engulfing him, Mbengo could not see what was happening as he peeped through the small window of his kitchen hut.

He and other villagers were then shocked to see “smoke” rising from a nearby hill.

“We were all shocked to see smoke rising from the hill. I later realised that the hill was the source of the loud bang,” narrated Mbengo.

Villagers in Muchagoneyi and Chakavarika villages, ward 13, near Musami bussiness centre, Murewa West constituency, are yet to get answers to what could have happened on the hill.

A number of brave villagers went up the hill and discovered that smoke was oozing from a huge crevice on the granite-dominated hill.

“The explosion left a huge crater and this is where the smoke was coming from. We are puzzled as to what happened, the smoke later cleared,” added Mbengo.

Some villagers took to their phone cameras to capture the mysterious moment ever to happen in the area.

NewsDay recently visited the area and discovered that the crater is still there with villagers still in shock over the mysterious incident.

A local traditional healer said the incident could have been the action of “angry ancestors” sending a chilling warning to the living.

“A lot of immorality and evil has been the order of the day in this area. The ancestors could be angry. Some rituals have to be done to cleanse the whole area for peace to reign,” said the traditional healer who identified himself as Sekuru Kapurura.

Ward 13 councillor Tafadzwa Kabanda said they were still looking for answers.

“We are still in the dark and hope we will get answers from authorities. The reports are that there are cracks at the scene,” he said.

Kabanda’s colleague, Idah Jaravaza, who is ward 12 councillor, also confirmed the incident.

“I visited the area and there are cracks. The villagers are confused and scared,” Jaravaza said.

“I spoke to some of them and they revealed that strange things have been happening around the hill.

“There is fear everywhere.”

At the scene, debris of all sizes is scattered all over.

Some villagers told this publication that the crack could have been caused by an old python that has been on the hill for several years.

The python lives in one of the secret caves, according to villagers.

Chief Mangwende said he was waiting for a report being compiled by village heads before making any decision.

“I am waiting for a detailed report from my team in the area before taking the next step,” he said.

The chief added that he was ready to take action to appease the ancestors in accordance with culture if the report from the village heads suggested so.

But a local geologist, who declined to be named, said it “could be simply a weathering process”.

“The temperatures have been intense those days (when the explosion occurred) and could have contributed to that. But as for the smoke, I cannot say anything. There is need for experts to visit the area and investigate,” said the geologist.

Villagers are living in uncertainty and fear following the incident.

Could it be simply weathering, a premature volcano or just a mysterious incident?

This question remains unanswered until perhaps experts chip in.

“We pray that this never happens again, it was scary,” Mbengo said. NewsDay.

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