Dr Stop It speaks out as General Chiwenga sends a chilling warning to illegal money changers


My Dear People

The Generari had a lot to say about our latest attempt to revive a currency that died in 2008 due to grand looting and mismanagement of the economy by the ruining party.

He started with a chilling warning to illegal money changers at a Zanu PF campaign rally in Harare East last weekend where he threatened them with physical harm.

Obviously the Generari and his boss know the real people behind the black market and they will never dare touch them, but instead choose to go after mere runners.

The foreign currency parallel market is sustained by politically exposed people, who are seemingly above the law and this is why the ongoing police blitz against money changers will not end the scourge.

Some of the barons that control the black market are children of influential people in the ruling party, include one motor mouth who behaves as if he has title deeds for this country.

The ruining cabal has blamed everything from sanctions to saboteurs for the repeated collapse of the local currency and it was during another attempt to find a scapegoat that the Generari made the mother of all gaffes.

He told a business forum at the just ended Zimbabwe International Trade Fair that Zimbabwe inherited the failed bond notes from Rhodesia kikikikiki.

I am still trying to understand whether the Generari does not genuinely know how that quasi currency was introduced by Panonetsa only a few years ago or he was trying to tell us that the cabal are puppets of some Rhodies .

Zimbabwe has changed its currency six times since gaining its independence from Britain 44 years ago.

It is them led by the professor now living in exile who kept telling us that Zimbabwe will never be a colony again after all.

Generari’s weird statements on the newly introduced Zimbabwe Gold (ZiG) betray an administration that is not confident about the success of its currency reforms and it does not inspire confidence at all.


One of the reasons the Lacoste cabal staged a coup against Gushungo was that he had become surrounded by criminals, so they claimed.

Six years later none of those alleged criminals are living in Chikurubi.

Instead, we have seen a number of them being readmitted into the ruining party as part of the usual processes to bring them back on the feeding trough.

We have also seen the circle of criminals surrounding the president growing bigger. Some claim to be prophets yet we know that they are involved in all sorts of criminal activities and debauchery.

Ngwena has no problem hobnobbing with Wicknell Chivayo, an ex-convict whose source of wealth has been a subject of serious speculation.

A Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (Zacc) memo that was leaked early this year showed that the anti-graft body tried to investigate Chivayo sometime in 2023.

Zacc went to different organisations, including the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe’s Finance Intelligence Unit, seeking information about his transactions.

They also checked with the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority whether he was tax compliant. Zacc’s plan was to forfeit his properties worth US$7 million because the investigators had reasonable suspicions that they were acquired through dirty money.

Yet Ngwena had no problems travelling with such a character to Bulawayo for the ZITF where he was part of the dignitaries that welcomed visiting Kenyan President William Ruto.

Even during the president’s tour of stands Wicknell was at the forefront. He overshadowed the Industry minister Mangaliso Ndhlovu and the ZITF chairman Busisa Moyo.

These things never happened during Gushungo’s time. If you still needed more evidence that the 2017 military coup was a gigantic fraud then Wicknell’s activities must be a wake-up call.


Ngwena’s mini cabinet reshuffle last week, which happened just eight months after last year’s elections shows that he is just out of depth and considers government jobs as rewards for cronies.

He redeployed Winston Chitando as Mines and Mining Development minister and demoted Soda Zhemu to National Housing and Social Amenities. Daniel Garwe was moved to Local Government.

There were also an appointment of a deputy minister and reassignment of others.

A few weeks ago he made Mangaliso Ndlovu and Sithembiso Nyoni to swap ministries.

Despite being a close lieutenant of Gushungo for nearly four decades, he clearly didn’t learn anything about consistency and being decisive kikikiki

The long awaited ZiG notes and coins will come into circulation this week, but the RBZ is doing very little to educate people about the new currency’s features.

Rural folk still do not know that there is a new currency and many could still be holding on to bond notes that have been withdrawn from circulation.

John the second seems to underestimate the market’s capacity to reject a currency whose backers don’t seem to show much confindence in.

Zimbabweans have lost a lot because of currency volatility and it is understandable that many have been reluctant to embrace the ZiG.

As long as the RBZ insists on exempting fuel traders from charging in local currency it would be very difficult to keep the ZiG afloat.


Stop It!

Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake)

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