19 armed robbers raid mine, get away with half a tonne of gold ore, phone and other valuable items


Mberengwa Mayhem: 19-men gang arrested for daring mine robbery

In a brazen display of criminal activity, a gang of 19 individuals has been brought before the Mberengwa Magistrates’ Court on robbery charges. The accused, hailing from various parts of the region, stand accused of orchestrating a violent heist at a local mine.

According to the state’s allegations, the incident occurred on January 8th, 2024. The gang, armed with an array of weapons including machetes, axes, knives, sticks, and logs, descended upon the mine, intent on plundering its riches. They first set their sights on the security guard, assaulting him to gain entry to the premises.

Once inside, the gang is said to have turned their wrath upon the mine workers, injuring several in the process. Their loot included a substantial haul of half a tonne of gold ore, explosives, a cellphone, and other valuable items. With their ill-gotten gains in hand, the perpetrators then fled the scene, leaving a trail of chaos and destruction in their wake.

The comprehensive police investigation that followed led to the arrest of the 19 suspects in Mberengwa. The stolen property is estimated to be worth a staggering US$1,500, with only US$300 worth having been recovered thus far.

The accused individuals, identified as Muchenesi Shava (27), Bhekimpilo Chinyoka (33), Vincent Dube (24), Maxwell Zhou (28), Alife Mumvura (23), Noel Zhou (32), Obey Jachari (39), Tafara Panashe Kabanzi (20), Desire Harmony Katukavarimi (23), Farai Moyo (32), Tafaranavo Zhou (29), Tinashe Ncube(26), Leonard Zhou(29), Brighton Shava (20), Learnmore Zhou (22), Cripple Taverenga Zhou (37),Danmore Dzumbira (43), Devine Jachari (27) and Dennis Matosi (20), have been remanded in custody until the 25th of May 2024, when their case will be heard.

The residents of Mberengwa eagerly await the outcome of the trial, hoping that the perpetrators will face the full consequences of their alleged crimes and that the stolen property can be recovered and returned to its rightful owners.

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