Jealousy local celebrity kills ex-wife with an axe as punishment for moving on, then commits suicide


The quiet town of Chegutu, nestled in the heart of Zimbabwe, is reeling from a horrific double death, a chilling testament to the destructive power of jealousy and despair. Watson Musika, 40, a man known to many in the community, took the life of his estranged wife, Shiellah Utete, 32, in a brutal act of violence before turning the weapon on himself.

The details of the incident, which unfolded on Friday, 5th July, are as gruesome as they are heartbreaking. Musika, who was a local celebrity in the mining area of Chakari, consumed by a jealous rage, allegedly struck Utete repeatedly with an axe, targeting her neck, shoulder, and head. The attack took place in a secluded bush near Maldon Compound, Chakari, a place where the couple’s shattered relationship had played out in whispers and hushed conversations.

“The ZRP is investigating a case of murder which occurred on July 5, 2024, at around 1500 hours in which Shiellah Utete (32) died. Watson Musika (40) allegedly struck his ex-wife, the victim, with an axe on the neck, shoulder and on the head in a bush near Maldon Compound, Chakari, Chegutu,” confirmed a police spokesperson, their voice heavy with the weight of the tragedy.

The scene of the crime, now a silent testament to the violence that unfolded, is a stark reminder of the fragility of life and the destructive nature of unchecked emotions. The axe, a tool meant for work and construction, became a weapon of death, leaving behind a trail of blood and shattered dreams.

Following the brutal attack, Musika, consumed by guilt and despair, made his way back to his residence. There, in the confines of his kitchen, he consumed a deadly dose of cyanide, a potent poison that brought a swift and agonizing end to his life. His body was found lying lifeless, a grim reflection of the darkness that had consumed him.

The news of the double death sent shockwaves through the community, leaving behind a trail of disbelief and sorrow. Neighbours and friends, struggling to comprehend the senseless violence, spoke of a couple who had once been deeply in love, their relationship now reduced to a tragic tale of betrayal, anger, and ultimate destruction.

“They were a loving couple, always seen together, hand in hand,” said a neighbour who requested anonymity. “We never saw this coming. It’s a terrible tragedy, a loss for both families.”

The community, now grappling with the aftermath of the tragedy, is left to ponder the root causes of this senseless violence. Was it a case of unrequited love, a struggle for power in a failing relationship, or a culmination of unresolved issues that had festered for years? The answers, lost in the silence of death, remain elusive.

The police investigation, while ongoing, is unlikely to provide complete closure. The events that led to the tragedy are a complex tapestry woven from the threads of human emotion, a reminder that even in the seemingly peaceful fabric of everyday life, darkness can lurk, waiting for the right moment to unravel.

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