My life is in danger, my wife wants thugs, policemen and prosecutors to deal with me: Football legend Edward Sadomba cries


The once-celebrated football star, Edward Sadomba, finds himself embroiled in a bitter and public battle with his estranged wife, Sherlynn, a prosecutor in the Zimbabwean legal system. The drama, unfolding in the hallowed halls of the Chitungwiza Magistrates Court, has become a spectacle of accusations, counter-accusations, and a disturbing glimpse into the dark underbelly of power and influence.

Sadomba, a name once synonymous with goals and glory on the football pitch, now stands before the court, his face etched with fear and desperation. He claims his life is in danger, alleging that Sherlynn has threatened to unleash thugs upon him, a chilling threat that has left him living in a constant state of anxiety.

“I am living in fear because of Sherlynn,” Sadomba declared, his voice laced with a tremor of fear. “She told me that she is going to engage thugs to deal with me. Sherlynn told me that she is going to influence police officers, as well as public prosecutors, to make sure that I am behind bars.”

These are serious allegations, painting a picture of a woman wielding her position as a prosecutor to orchestrate a campaign of intimidation and harassment against her estranged husband. Sadomba further alleges that Sherlynn’s influence has extended to the police, citing the transfer of their case from Harare Magistrates Court to Chitungwiza as evidence of her alleged manipulation.

“She used her job as a public prosecutor to influence a number of police officers at Borrowdale,” Sadomba asserted. “Your worship, her influence as a public prosecutor is the reason our case had to be transferred from Harare Magistrates Court to Chitungwiza. She vowed that she will always win cases since she is a public prosecutor.”

Edward Sadomba’s claims have sent shockwaves through the legal community, raising concerns about the potential for abuse of power within the justice system. The allegations, if proven, would represent a serious breach of trust and a betrayal of the principles of justice and fairness.

However, Sherlynn, through her lawyer Oliver Marwa, has vehemently denied all accusations, painting a starkly different picture of the situation. Marwa claims that Sadomba is the abuser, citing several cases of domestic violence recorded against him at Borrowdale Police Station.

“You have several cases of abuse recorded at Borrowdale Police Station, that is why you went to Highlands Police Station, leaving your policing area,” Marwa stated, his voice firm and unwavering. “When Sherlynn went missing, she had gone to a physiotherapist after you had beaten her up. When she decided to file divorce papers, it was all because she was tired of your abusive language.”

Marwa further alleges that Sadomba’s accusations are a desperate attempt to discredit his wife and deflect attention from his own alleged transgressions. He accuses Sadomba of being financially unstable, suggesting that his motive for exposing Sherlynn is to exploit her position and secure a financial advantage in the divorce proceedings.

Sadomba does not want his wife at the house because he claims that she never contributed to the Borrowdale house,” Marwa said. “You are after exposing your wife simply because she is a prosecutor and you are broke.”

The court proceedings have become a battleground of competing narratives, with each party presenting their version of events, leaving the truth shrouded in a cloud of conflicting allegations. The accusations and counter-accusations fly thick and fast, creating a whirlwind of uncertainty that leaves the public questioning who to believe.

The case has taken a dramatic turn, with Sadomba claiming to have been followed by three unregistered vehicles, further fueling his fears and allegations of harassment. He maintains that he never chased Sherlynn from their Borrowdale house, but she abandoned the family for 30 days before filing for divorce.

“She filed divorce papers just to fix me,” Sadomba lamented. “The house is mine and I just want to live in peace.”

The saga continues to unfold, with the estranged couple set to return to court next Friday.

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