Dramatic Revelations: Edward Sadomba and wife Sherlynn’s saga takes an astonishing twist


EDWARD Sadomba is a man under SEIGE who, in the past two years, has been subjected to all forms of abuse by his estranged wife Sherlynn, and her family, as his marriage to his childhood sweetheart teeters on the verge of a sensational collapse.

The former Zimbabwe international footballer has been dragged to court by Sherlynn, who is seeking a protection order, and is accusing him of being an abusive husband.

Since the outbreak of the storm, Sadomba has been portrayed as the villain, the man whose abusive character was tearing his marriage apart and has now dented the image of a family, which used to be regarded as a model partnership.

Nothing has been heard from Sadomba, who declined to comment yesterday when he was approached by H-Metro.

However, sources close to Sadomba yesterday gave us various briefings and the common denominator was that the former Dynamos, and Warriors star, was the one who “was being abused.”

The sources revealed that:

  • The duo’s marriage virtually collapsed two years ago and things have been getting worse by each passing week and the prospects of a reconciliation are virtually NIL.
  • For the past two years, Sadomba and Sherlynn have been living in the same double-story upmarket house at Pokugara Estate in Borrowdale, but on different wings, with the former footballer staying on the first floor while his estranged wife stays on the ground floor.
  • Such is the level of mistrust, between the two, Sadomba was even forced to insert a biometric devise where, to enter into his bedroom, one needs to use a finger code.
  • Seven months have now passed since the last time Sadomba had a meal at home because he is afraid that his food could be poisoned because of the toxic nature of the situation at his house.
  • Sherlynn borrowed US$13 000, which she wanted to use for her personal business, without Sadomba’s knowledge, and used one of the couple’s property to secure the loan.
  • Sadomba eventually settled the loan, and saved the property from being possessed and, when he asked why his wife had taken the loan, behind his back, it triggered a “furious backlash from Mai Alshe.”
  • Sadomba received a phone call, from Sherlynn’s relatives, ordering him to vacate the house, which the callers claimed belonged to Sherlynn, and she should be left to live there alone and in peace.
  • The former football star was forced to burn all his clothes after he suspected some of the clothes “had been poisoned” because “they had a funny smell,” and he had to buy an entire wardrobe of new clothes.
  • Last Saturday, there was pandemonium at the family home when Sherlynn’s relatives, including her sister, confronted Sadomba, making various accusations, and showering him with various insults.
  • Sherlynn once stormed out of the house and stayed on her own, at a house whose address was not known by Sadomba but later returned home without explaining where she had been staying.
  • She was dropped a couple of times, at their house “between 9 and 10 pm,” and found the entrance point into the house locked and, on one occasion, wet to report the case at Borrowdale Police Station.
  • Sadomba was called by the police at the station and he told them he was uncomfortable with his wife coming home very late and he was also locking his house to protect “his kids and property in an area where armed robberies have increased.”
  • At one stage, Sherylnn sent an email to Sadomba that she would not be coming home that night as she would be going for prayers that night.
  • Sadomba was forced to use his car as collateral to get an urgent short-term loan of US$2000 to help Sherylnn settle a debt she had acquired from a work colleague who had reported the case to the police.
  • Sadomba did not know about that loan but “felt that he needed to resolve the issue because it had the potential to drag his name into the mud” should it remain unresolved.
  • Sadomba was called by a colleague in South Africa that Sherlynn had arrived in that country when the former football star didn’t even know that she had flown to that country.

“Sadomba is the victim here and it’s something that has been tearing him apart for the past two or so years,” said a source.

“From a distance, one can assume that this is a battle of properties and that includes a property in Sandton and Sadomba was supposed to be frustrated to an extent he would pack his bags and go.”

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