Dr Stop IT speaks on Tyson’s presidential bid: They all thought Generari had accepted defeat…

Ex police boss Augustine Chihuri, Ex army boss General (Rtd) Constantino Chiwenga and ex Zanu PF Commissar Saviour Tyson Kasukuwere

My Dear People.

I gather Tyson’s announcement that he is entering the presidential race ahead of the August 2023 elections is causing pandemonium in the Lacoste camp.

The sh0ck move by one of the key figures in my G40 has thrown them into sixes and sevens as they no longer know who is still standing with the terrified Ngwena as things fall apart.

Some are speculating that Generari is pulling the strings in the Tyson campaign after he was humiliated at the last Zanu PF sham congress where the Lacoste cabal managed to impose Ngwena’s tribesmen in key positions.

They all thought Generari had accepted defeat until the news surfaced from the former boss of the Green Bombers’ base in South Africa that he had something in store for the regime in Harare.

Tyson is one of the very few people from the former G40 camp that I respect.

He has refused to be cowed into submission by the coup brigade and has remained resolute in defence of Gushungo’s legacy.

Tyson is unlike that one hiding in East Africa, who is making a fool of himself on social media by running a subtle campaign for the disastrous Mthuli.

I see there are some Zimbabweans who still take the exiled former G40 kingpin’s rants and sometimes doses of fake news on Twitter seriously, but that is a story for another day.

Back to Tyson. There are many reasons why Ngwena and his cabal are shaking in their boots because of the former minister’s decision to run for the presidency.

Zanu PF was left heavily divided after the primary elections where the rigging by the military and intelligence services-run FAZ and Heritage Trust led to the ouster of 64 sitting MPs.

Evidence abounds on social media that Zanu PF structures are planning a bhora musango.

Gushungo learnt it the hard way in 2008 that you don’t disrespect people by imposing your cronies and still expect to win the vote.

Baba was thoroughly beaten by Morgan until he summoned gunmen from the barracks to rescue him kikikikiki.

I doubt Ngwena can still count on support of the soldiers to save him from defeat after failing to keep his promises that he will take care of them after the coup.

The soldiers are suffering just like every ordinary Zimbabwean because of corruption and misgovernance that have become the hallmark of the second repubric.

There are also Gushungo loyalists to worry about for Lacoste.

The second repubric’s foundations are very tribal and this will haunt Ngwena come August 23.

Even in Zanu PF itself many comrades are not happy that power is concentrated in one tribal group and they have even personalised the looting.

I can assure you there would be gnashing of teeth in August and Tyson has just added fuel to the fire.

He will not win the presidency or defeat Mukomana, but he will definitely spoil the party for Ngwena.

After all they say set a thief to catch a thief kikikiki


I don’t wish to be in Mthuli’s position right now.

The poor professor from Oxford is being forced to eat his words every day as the economic implosion worsens.

Some naughty ones are digging up old videos of him saying things that did not make sense at the time, but now show that he knew what he was doing.

I now believe that Mthuli was deployed by the British to expose the coup masterminds for their emptiness and lack of depth.

One of the clips that caught my eye was when he says zvinhu zvakarongeka when he was asked about the stability of the RTGS a couple of years ago.

The currency that Ngwena once claimed was the strongest in the region is now in a free fall and the attendant economic implosion has been identified by Zanu PF as its “worst enemy.”

On the other end, Panonetsa is being forced to issue statements every day to deny the obvious.

On Friday, he was forced to assure Zimbabweans that there “is sufficient foreign exchange in the market to satisfy all needs and demands of banks’ customers.”

This followed communication from two banks on social media showing that there is panic in the banking sector about the availability of foreign currency in the country.

The regime forced the banks to disassociate themselves from the statements, but Nick was at hand to show us that there was no smoke without fire.

Nick, who is sometimes called Nicole Hondo by some of you who are very quarrelsome, had this to say on Twitter: “A “bank run” is when a large number of depositors simultaneously try to withdraw their funds from banks immediately.

“This is what was caused by the recklessness of a couple of banks, which for reasons best known to themselves lied that what was in the nostro accounts was not USD. Stop It!”

In one fell swoop, Panonetsa’s week of fire fighting was undone and the cat was out of the bag. It is true after all that the banks rang the alarm bells!

Who needs enemies when you have Nick and Joji in your communications team? kikikiki

Then we have Dhagi who announced that he will contest the presidential elections on August 2023.

I assume the decision confirms that Dhagi has recovered from the March 26, 2022 massacre and he is ready to go again.

With Egypt Dzinemunhenzva unlikely to run this time around owing to the steep nomination fees, this election was likely to be boring and Dhagi has risen to the challenge.

We now look forward to comic relief from the master of zeroes, who will be supported by Komichi and his beloved Bertha with her videos on Twitter kikikiki


Tyson chete chete

Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake)

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