Money-making rituals: Woman spends night without clothes at cemetery, gets rɑped by sangoma

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The trial of Jimson Nyasara, a sangoma who is being accused of rɑping a woman as part of a get-rich-quick scheme, is set to begin today.

Nyasara allegedly made the victim spend a night nɑkǝd in a cemetery to work the magic of get-rich charms.

He then claimed he needed to have ƨǝx with her for the charm to work and charged her $800 for it.

Nyasara is facing fraud charges and three counts of rɑpǝ.

He allegedly rɑpǝd her after convincing her that he needed to mix her vɑg!nɑl fluids and his semǝn for the ritual to work.

Nyasara had approached the woman when she wanted to board a bus to Beitbridge and took her to his shrine at Fidelity Phase 2 in July last year.

Nyasara convinced her that he would give her a charm that would make her very rich.

He invited the woman to his place again in November last year and told her to book a room at a certain lodge.

After she booked a room, he joined her and told her that he had to slǝǝp with her to collect his semǝn and mix it with her vɑg!nɑl fluids.

He claimed he would take the mixture to Mozambique to get the charm for quick riches.

The woman agreed to have pr0tected ƨǝx and Nyasara asked her to wipe herself with a cloth and then poured contents from the cond0m onto the cloth.

He allegedly rɑpǝd her again in December last year and in January.

When the quick riches didn’t materialise, she reported Nyasara to the police for rɑpǝ and he was arrested.

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