Man who returned home unexpectedly at night and caught wife with chikomba gets 17 years in jail

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POETIC justice! A man from Bulawayo who battered his l0ve rival and inserted a vibrator into his behind before piercing his mɑnhood with a thorn has been sentenced to 17 years in jail.

Desire Moyo (28) who was facing two counts of assault and aggravated indecent assault was convicted and sentenced after a full trial before Bulawayo regional magistrate Dambudzo Malunga.

The magistrate slapped him with one year for assaulting his victim and 16 years for aggravated indecent assault.

The magistrate, however, suspended two years on condition of good behaviour and Moyo will serve an effective 15 years behind bars.

In arriving at the sentence the magistrate noted that although Moyo was angry because of his wife’s infidǝlity, he however, took his anger to extreme levels when he handcuffed his victim before punching and kicking him several times all over the body causing him to soil himself.

The magistrate also noted that the victim was defenceless since he was handcuffed while he was also being battered indiscriminately.

The magistrate further said Moyo did not consider that his wife was the one who had invited the victim to their home adding that when Moyo inserted the vibrator into the victim’s rear he lowered his dignity.

In his defence Moyo said he committed the offence after he stumbled on a string of raunchy WhatsApp messages that his wife Patience Siko Ncube was exchanging with his lovǝ rival detailing all ƨǝx styles that they used to do and how his wife was good in bǝd.

Moyo said his lovǝ rival also admitted that he was in lovǝ with his wife adding that had also angered him.

Circumstances against Moyo were that he unexpectedly returned home from Beitbridge at around 8.30pm and found his lovǝ rival sitting with his wife on their matrimonial bed.

The court heard that Moyo violently grabbed his lovǝ rival and slapped him before kicking him several times all over the body.

In a fit of rage, he pulled off his victim’s pair of trousers and underwear and inserted a vibrator into his behind.

His two other co-tenants tried to restrain Moyo but he threatened to stab them with a knife.

He even chased after one of the co-tenants but he could not catch him.

To add salt to injury, the court heard that Moyo returned to his bǝdroom and found his still nakǝd victim groaning in agony and he pierced his mɑnhood with a thorn.

The pain became too much but by then, he was just moaning as the vibrator was still inserted in his behind.

Moyo’s victim soiled himself. He bled and suffered a swollen face and butt0cks.

As Moyo continued torturing his l0ve rival, one of the tenants rushed to Khumalo Police Station and reported the incident.

Realising that one of his co-tenants had rushed to the police, Moyo ran away.

Police attended the scene and found a pink vibrator and a knife in the house and they launched a manhunt leading to the arrest of Moyo in Nkulumane suburb.

Constance Tatenda Mathaba prosecuted.

— BMetro

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