ED Mnangagwa’s desperate tactics to cling on to power revealed: Give us jobs, not drills!


President Emmerson Mnangagwa is pulling out all the stops to woo voters ahead of next year’s elections, promising to drill 40 boreholes in every district he campaigns in.

Addressing Zanu PF supporters at a rally in Bulilima, Mnangagwa said “We will drill 40 boreholes in every area where I attend a rally. We bought 80m rigs to drill more boreholes for our people.”

The president launched Zanu PF’s election campaign last week in Chipinge but other parties like the CCC and Saviour Kasukuwere’s team are yet to begin campaigning officially. Mnangagwa claimed this showed Zanu PF was “unstoppable.”

Turning to the economic crisis, Mnangagwa blamed Indians for alleged price hikes. “I have been told that some Indians are hoarding basic commodities to cause price hikes. If investigations confirm this, we will not only confiscate the goods but their warehouses and give to the people,” he threatened.

Zimbabweans are struggling with rising costs of living but Mnangagwa insists the Zimbabwe dollar is here to stay. He is one of 11 candidates running for president in next year’s elections.

Meanwhile, opposition Zapu launched its election manifesto at a rally in Bulawayo, promising solutions to the economic crisis if elected into power.

In a bid to win over voters, Mnangagwa is making big promises of boreholes and threatening action against businesses. But many Zimbabweans remain skeptical, wanting real solutions instead of rhetoric to address the economic hardships they face.

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