2023 ELECTIONS: The man Zanu PF fears is coming for Mnangagwa’s job – Ruling party in panic mode

President Emmerson Mnangagwa

Attempts by Zanu PF supporters to block Saviour Kasukuwere from running for president face legal hurdles, with the exiled minister saying the moves are “tricks” to disrupt his campaign.

Last week, Lovedale Mangwana approached the High Court to declare Kasukuwere ineligible due to his exile. But the case was dismissed with Judge David Mangota ruling it was not the right court.

Undeterred, one George Masters filed a similar case at the Electoral Court, arguing Kasukuwere’s five years outside Zimbabwe meant he lost citizenship and is ineligible. However, Kasukuwere’s lawyer said they have not been served court papers.

The former minister has returned to Zimbabwe briefly before attending court, with his lawyer saying charges against him were dropped, clearing his name. Kasukuwere’s spokesperson said the legal challenges are “frivolous” and “meant to dampen our spirits.”

Legal experts believe Kasukuwere has a good chance of surviving the court challenges. They note he was accepted as a nominee by the nomination court in line with electoral laws. His name could only be left off the ballot if declared improperly nominated by the court.

Constitutional lawyer Welshman Ncube said Kasukuwere’s fate now rests with the Electoral Court. However, lawyer Dumisani Dube believes Kasukuwere will win the case and run for president. He could still appeal to the Constitutional Court if unsuccessful.

The legal moves against Kasukuwere show the ruling party’s desperation to block challenges to Mnangagwa ahead of elections. But experts say the exiled minister still has a strong case to make it onto the ballot. The Electoral Court’s decision will be key.

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