President Mnangagwa was chosen by God, no-one will remove him from office: Zimbabweans told

File Picture: President ED Mnangagwa at Vapostori shrine

One of the biggest indigenous churches in Zimbabwe, Johane Marange Apostolic Church, has endorsed the candidature of President Mnangagwa and has boldly stated that victory for the ruling Zanu PF was a foregone conclusion.

Last Saturday, members of the Church turned their Mafararikwa Shrine into a white sea with their garments as they gathered for their annual Passover in their numbers.

With more than 200 000 pilgrims estimated to have passed through the shrine’s gates by the end of the Passover early this week, the Johane Marange endorsement of President Mnangagwa and Zanu PF was a seal of approval of the good work that the Second Republic is doing to attain an upper middle income economy by 2030.

The church’s leader, High Priest Nimrod Taguta, took over last year following the death of his father, High Priest Noah Taguta; and is proving to be a great captain for the very big ship, despite his youthfulness.

Speaker after speaker spoke glowingly of President Mnangagwa’s humility after he found time from his busy schedule to attend the annual gathering.

Despite occupying the highest office on the land, President Mnangagwa sat on the pavers, right in the middle of the gathering. He also religiously followed all the church proceedings.

The President’s gesture earned him the endorsement of the gathering and they pledged their unwavering support to ensure another term of office for him.

In return, the President assured the pilgrims of freedom of worship and support in their projects, especially in the education sector.

“In Zimbabwe, in terms of our Constitution, the President is mandated by law to ensure that people practice their different religions, in their different ways. As long as I remain President, I will ensure that there is freedom of worship for churches to worship in ways that they so wish.

“Philippians 4:13 says, ‘We can do all things through Christ who gives us strength’. It was God that made us win the liberation struggle. Our relationship with the Church has always been excellent.

“We preach unity and harmony as a Government and we are also happy that the church always prays for us and helps us to maintain peace and harmony,” said President Mnangagwa.
Addressing the gathering, Mr Daniel Chiambira, a senior church member, said Zanu PF’s reign was prophesied by the church’s found father, Baba Johane Marange, in 1957.

“Our founding father, Baba Johane Marange prophesied Zanu PF’s victory in 1957 and all devotees of this church will continue rallying behind the ruling party. Baba Johane in his prophecy said he had seen two cocks fighting. One cock was white and the other one black. He said the black cock would emerge victorious. The prophecy was done well before the wedging of the liberation struggle, but this came to pass.

“Despite being poorly equipped to fight the Rhodesian Forces, our freedom fighters managed to beat the enemy, resulting in the independence of Zimbabwe. Victory is certain for Zanu PF because it is a party for the present and the future,” said Mr Chiambira.

Mr Steven Zhou, another church member, was also unequivocal in declaring the church’s support for Zanu PF and President Mnangagwa.

“Leaders are chosen by God and President Mnangagwa found favour in God’s eyes, and that is why he was elected to be the leader of this country. Noone will remove him from that office.

“We will vote for President Mnangagwa. We will never associate with opposition parties. Our loyalty is with Zanu PF. President Mnangagwa, be assured that you have the support and blessings of the members of the Johane Marange Apostolic Church,” said Mr Zhou.

Another devotee, Mr Abel Chimbadzo, said President Mnangagwa showed true leadership qualities by patiently waiting for his turn to be in office.

“Our President was loyal to his predecessor, the late President Mugabe, and he humbled himself until his time came.

“During the party’s interface rallies, he was ridiculed and scorned, but he remained steadfast and loyal to the party. We want to assure everyone present and the world over that August 23 will just be a confirmation of the election of President Mnangagwa as he has the support of the majority.

“Those who ware dreaming of taking over power from President Mnangagwa should continue dreaming,” said Mr Chimbadzo.

Mr Alexio Mawungwa weighed in: “It is not the size of the beehive that makes the honey inside sweet. It is not the shape of the beehive that makes the honey sweet. What makes honey sweet is what is endowed within it. If there are people who doubt the leadership of High Priest Nimrod and President Mnangagwa, think otherwise. Leaders are from God.

“As Zimbabweans, we should be proud of our own leaders. We should rally behind our leaders. We have the destiny of Zimbabwe in our hands,” said Mr Mawungwa.

Johane Marange Apostolic Church spokesperson, Cde Nyasha Marange, is the Zanu PF candidate for Mutare West.

President Mnangagwa urged the church’s members in the constituency to vote for Cde Marange for the church to have some representation in the House of Assembly.

— Manica Post

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