Latest on Njanja madala’s ghost which demanded to be exhumed and reburied, whirlwind causes havoc

Late Sekuru Shadreck Rwizi

A CHIVHU family has finally buried the body of its father which they exhumed last week amid a row over his burial place.

Shadreck Rwizi Muchena’s body was exhumed on July 17 in Mhondoro where he died while staying with his second wife.

His burial was marred by controversy with his children, from the senior wife, claiming that he was haunting them, demanding to be reburied in the Njanja area of Chivhu, where he was from.

The re-burial was conducted in the absence of his second wife, who the older children, and his relatives, branded a small house despite her staying with Shadreck for more than 30 years.

After his exhumation, the family dug a grave to rebury him in Chivhu, but the local chief told them to wait and the body was taken to Harare.

A second grave was dug on a rocky surface when Shadreck’s body returned from Harare, but it was abandoned for another site, where he was finally buried.

“I am devastated that Shadreck’s second wife is now being treated as an outcast after staying with him for more than 30 years in Mhondoro.

“It’s unacceptable behaviour. It is also being said they acquired a new burial order without involving her.

“If, indeed, the Rwizi family knew where mudhara Mhofu was supposed to be buried, how come they dug three graves?

“It’s indeed questionable. Kwakauya chamupupuri musi wacho chakadira mavhu ndiro dzese vanhu vakasadya sadza,” said the source.

A village head from the area Proud Shamhuyarira, said:

“I cannot confirm what made them exhume Rwizi. They probably wanted to bury him among his relatives or they were being tormented by his spirit.

“We are still investigating the case.

“I am surprised that I was only approached by his first family over the exhumation.”

Shadreck’s UK-based son, Muchineripi, dismissed allegations that the reburial of his father was for ritual purposes.

“When I come to Zimbabwe, take me wherever you wish, kuna godobori yemandiriri.

“I don’t even agree with people who said the surviving spouse to my father is a small house.

“We had a meeting when our father was still admitted at Parirenyatwa.

“Dare rakagarwa to find a way forward on where to bury our father. We agreed that he should be buried in Njanja, ndokumusha, ndokune dzinde redu tese.

“Everything was done as per family agreement,” said Muchineripi in an audio.

— HMetro

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