2023 ELECTIONS: The man who holds the key to Zimbabwe’s development revealed


In a campaign rally held at Neluswi Primary School in Jambezi, Zanu PF Secretary, Dr Obert Mpofu, made a bold statement yesterday, asserting that President Mnangagwa is the sole hope for the country’s continued development and ensuring equality across all corners of Zimbabwe.

As the ruling party intensifies its campaign efforts leading up to the August 23 elections, the Second Republic’s inclusive development policies have already won the hearts of the masses. These policies are firmly rooted in the principle of leaving no one and no place behind.

President ED Mnangagwa

Dr Mpofu took the stage to present Zanu-PF’s candidates in Hwange East, led by national assembly candidate, Cde Alois Sikuka. He criticized opposition parties, claiming that their presence in various constituencies has not resulted in any meaningful development over the years.

“I was sent here by President Mnangagwa, who has demonstrated his love for Matabeleland North. He has visited the region twice in the past two weeks, commissioning projects such as the Muchesu Mine in Binga and the Hwange Thermal Power Station Units 7 and 8 expansion project,” stated Dr Mpofu.

He continued, “President Mnangagwa has also sent Vice-Presidents Cdes Constantino Chiwenga and Kembo Mohadi, as well as the national chairperson Cde Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri to show his commitment to our region. This should demonstrate how much our President cares about us.”

Highlighting the lack of development in opposition-held constituencies, Dr Mpofu urged the crowd to vote for Zanu-PF, emphasizing that the ruling party is the only one capable of bringing progress to the area.

“We have suffered greatly in the last 20 years under opposition rule. What development have they brought us? Absolutely nothing. So, I implore you, let’s vote for Team Zanu-PF. The ruling party is the only party that can bring development to this area,” he passionately expressed.

Dr Mpofu also reminded the audience of the significant role the Jambezi area played during the liberation struggle, emphasizing the need to protect the gains of independence.

However, the opposition was not spared from his criticism. He accused them of lacking knowledge about the liberation struggle and claimed their intentions were to reverse the achievements made during that period.

As the rally concluded, Dr Mpofu called for unity within the Zanu-PF party and urged leaders to serve as servants to the people who voted for them, leading by example and upholding integrity.

With the elections fast approaching, Dr Mpofu emphasized the importance of voting for the ruling party, warning that voting for an opposition candidate while the government remains under Zanu-PF control can create a disconnect.

He concluded by expressing confidence in Zanu-PF’s victory, assuring President Mnangagwa that Matabeleland North would resoundingly support the ruling party.

Hwange consists of three constituencies: Hwange Central, where Cde Reeds Dube is the Zanu-PF candidate, Hwange East, represented by Cde Sikuka, and Hwange West, with Cde Philani Moyo running as the candidate.

Following the rally, Dr Mpofu visited Chief Shana, who has been unwell. Chief Shana emphasized the importance of unity and peace during and after the elections, urging the nation to prioritize development.

With Zanu-PF’s campaign gaining momentum, the battle for votes continues, and only time will tell if President Mnangagwa’s promises of continued development will resonate with the electorate.

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