CCC leader Nelson Chamisa’s bold declaration fuels political firestorm ahead of 2023 elections

Nelson Chamisa

Opposition leader Nelson Chamisa, leader of the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), has made a bold and defiant declaration, vowing not to accept defeat in the upcoming August 23 presidential election.

Speaking on HSTV’s FreeTalk show, Chamisa expressed his firm belief that victory in the election belongs to his party.

With memories of the disputed 2018 polls still fresh, where Chamisa narrowly lost to President Emmerson Mnangagwa, tensions are running high as the political landscape intensifies. Chamisa’s remarks, however, have drawn criticism from the ruling Zanu PF party, who accuse him of deliberately stoking tensions ahead of the polls.

During his appearance on the show, Chamisa emphasized his unwavering confidence, stating, “Let it be known that there is no way Zanu PF is going to take leadership in this country. We can’t lose, we will not accept fake things. Victory is ours. We will win this election.” He further asserted that any announcement made contrary to their victory would be deemed false and fictitious.

Chamisa’s bold declaration has sent sh0ckwaves through the political landscape, raising the stakes and setting the stage for a potentially contentious electoral process. As the election date draws nearer, both supporters and critics eagerly await the outcome of this high-stakes battle for leadership in Zimbabwe.

The ruling Zanu PF party’s response has been swift, accusing Chamisa of attempting to incite unrest and fueling tensions among the electorate. Zanu PF’s concerns lie in the potential for Chamisa’s statements to pave the way for post-election violence.

Zanu PF acting director of information Farai Marapira said Chamisa ran the risk of stoking political violence.

“When the law states who has won, whether someone agrees with it or not, they will have to get used to the idea,” Marapira said when contacted by NewsDay for comment.

“These statements are made to incite, but we know this is the modus operandi of the opposition.

“They are always trying to incite and bring up hatred among the people of Zimbabwe. Clearly, the statements by Chamisa shows that he knows he has lost and he is now trying to prime his supporters for violence.”

As Zimbabwe braces itself for a critical juncture in its democratic journey, the nation holds its breath, awaiting the verdict of the August 23 presidential election and the resolution of this intense political stand-off.

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