2023 ELECTIONS: Jonathan Moyo’s sh0cking statement surfaces!


Former cabinet minister Jonathan Moyo, who is currently in exile, has expressed admiration for the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) for successfully managing the country’s elections despite facing numerous challenges. Moyo commended ZEC for maintaining its integrity and serving the best interests of all Zimbabweans.

In an X post, Moyo emphasized the importance of fairness and impartiality in the electoral process. He criticized those who expected ZEC to align with their personal agendas, stating that a team that consistently harasses the referee in every match does not deserve to be part of the league. Moyo stressed that fair play is essential for every participant to have an equal chance of winning, regardless of their background or cause.

Moyo highlighted a specific instance where ZEC demonstrated its responsiveness and effectiveness. In a court case, ZEC vigorously defended the nomination of 12 parliamentary candidates against allegations of late filing. Moyo praised ZEC for its robust support, stating that without their intervention, these candidates would not have been able to assume their positions in Parliament.

Furthermore, Moyo recognized ZEC’s commitment to resolving issues that arose during the election. He commended the commission for taking responsibility for its mistakes, promptly addressing delays in the opening of polling stations and ballot paper shortages. Moyo appreciated ZEC’s willingness to acknowledge and rectify these issues, which he believed demonstrated a positive shift in the commission’s attitude compared to previous elections.

While acknowledging that some things did go wrong, Moyo argued that ZEC cannot be faulted for occasional errors. He cited Murphy’s Law, which states that anything that can go wrong will go wrong, but praised ZEC for taking responsibility and making genuine efforts to rectify the situation. Moyo asserted that ZEC’s responsiveness and willingness to apologize marked a significant improvement and a positive turning point in the commission’s performance.

In conclusion, Moyo expressed confidence that ZEC’s conduct in the 2023 election signifies a positive change and sets the stage for future improvements. He encouraged ZEC to maintain its responsiveness and continue enhancing its performance in conducting fair and transparent elections.

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