SO SAD: Zimbabwean men abandon wives and children as poverty bites harder


A Rising Number of Men Abandoning Families Amid Hard Times

Times are tough for many Zimbabwean families as poverty levels have increased across the nation in recent years. A major concern emerging is that growing financial struggles appear to be contributing to more husbands walking out on their wives and children.

This issue came to light through interviews conducted by NewsDay reporters in Lupane and Binga. The newspaper’s findings revealed that several women now shoulder the burden of caring for their families alone after being deserted by their spouses.

One such program provided by UNICEF, the government and other partners offers monthly cash grants of US$12 per person in over 25,000 households. Stories from recipients highlighted how critical this aid has been to surviving without a partner’s support.

32-year-old mother of five Rumbidzai explained that her husband left home last year, leaving her with full responsibility for the children. “I do not know where my husband is,” she said sadly.

Fortunately, the social program has enabled her to keep food on the table and the kids in school during this difficult time.

Another recipient, 49-year-old Georgina, has faced a similar plight of her spouse not contributing for many years. She is now caring for her daughter’s child alone as well.

While no reasons were given for the abandonment, it’s no secret that Zimbabwe continues facing severe economic woes which have likely intensified family hardships. The program managers acknowledged witnessing households starting income-generating activities with their grant money – a positive sign of resilience and self-sufficiency.

As poverty rises and taking care of loved ones grows tougher, it seems this crisis could be unfairly straining some marriages and family bonds. Support networks like this cash transfer initiative are proving invaluable for women and children left to fend for themselves.

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