Horrific tragedy unfolds as man murders father, neighbour and a child in violent outburst


Title: Mentally-Challenged Man Sent to Psychiatric Unit After Tragic Series of Crimes

In a heartbreaking turn of events, a mentally-challenged man from Kadoma has been sent to the Chikurubi Psychiatric Unit after being deemed mentally unstable by the High Court.

Evan Chikoore, who had previously committed a series of murders before turning his aggression towards his own father and setting their family home ablaze, now finds himself under the care of psychiatric professionals.

During the trial, Chikoore’s mother testified that he suffered from a mental illness, shedding light on his condition. Recognizing the importance of protecting individuals with mental challenges from stigma, Justice Philda Muzofa emphasized the duty of the courts to safeguard their well-being.

Chikoore, known to the Kadoma community as a mental patient, carried out three separate murders on July 9, 2021. Following his apprehension, the court ordered that he undergo a psychiatric evaluation, in accordance with section 26 of the Mental Health Act. The evaluation confirmed his mental instability.

The court learned that Chikoore had been struggling with his mental health since 2004, experiencing visual and auditory hallucinations. Although his father sought help from a church, where a prophet provided assistance, Chikoore had stopped taking his prescribed medication at that time.

Over time, his illness worsened, leading to acute psychosis. On July 21, 2021, Chikoore visited his deceased father’s home in Luwana, Kadoma. In a fit of rage, he demanded money to purchase beer from his father, who stated he had no cash. Enraged, Chikoore attacked his father with a stone, striking him repeatedly on the head. He then set fire to four thatched huts.

Realizing that his father was still alive, Chikoore took an axe and continued his assault. He later moved on to another nearby homestead, where Tears Matara resided. Inquiring about Matara’s husband and demanding money, he received $30, which he deemed insulting. In a gruesome act, he struck Matara multiple times with the axe, resulting in her death. He also set ablaze a hut and a car on the premises.

Chikoore proceeded to the next homestead, but the family fled, leaving behind a young boy. Tragically, Chikoore attacked and killed the boy on the spot. Villagers nearby intervened and apprehended Chikoore as he approached yet another homestead.

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