Commotion in CBD as homeless woman causes fire at city market


Yesterday morning, a distressing incident unfolded at the city market in Bulawayo, leaving residents in a state of panic.

The calm morning atmosphere was shattered when billows of thick black smoke emerged from a sanitary lane nestled between 5th Avenue, Robert Mugabe Street, and Josiah Tongogara Street. Concerned citizens wasted no time and immediately dialled the fire brigade, fearing the worst as the fire showed no signs of abating.

The situation was particularly alarming for the vendors at the market, as they knew that gas tanks were stored in close proximity. The potential for a catastrophic explosion loomed heavily over their heads should the flames spread uncontrollably. Their worries were not unfounded, given the volatile nature of gas tanks and the havoc they can wreak when ignited.

While the exact cause of the fire remained a mystery initially, an anonymous source shed some light on the unfortunate incident. According to the source, a homeless woman had been cooking in the sanitary lane when her humble fire spiralled out of control. What began as a simple act of preparing a meal quickly escalated into a disastrous situation, endangering lives and property.

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