LATEST: ZETDC rolls out nationwide prepaid meter upgrade!


Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) has initiated a nationwide project aimed at upgrading prepaid meters. Starting from November 15, the meter upgrade process will be implemented across the country.

ZETDC released a statement informing customers about the meter upgrade and the necessary steps to facilitate the process. To successfully complete the upgrade, customers will be required to enter all three sets of tokens in the order they are provided when purchasing electricity.

The upgrade will be conducted in phases, with different areas being prioritized in each phase. ZETDC emphasized that all prepaid meters must be upgraded to ensure they can continue accepting tokens. Therefore, it is mandatory for all customers to upgrade their prepaid meters.

When purchasing electricity, customers will receive three sets of tokens. These tokens are essential for the meter upgrade, and customers must enter them in the specified order to complete the upgrade successfully.

ZETDC is taking this initiative to improve the functionality and efficiency of prepaid meters, ensuring a seamless experience for customers in managing their electricity consumption.

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