Tongues wag as woman lives with 2 men in one room


In a peculiar twist that resembles a storyline from a soap opera, a housemaid residing in Belvedere has raised eyebrows by cohabiting with two men, whom she refers to as her “husbands.”

According to HMetro, Moreblessing Nhema, a 25-year-old woman, has been in a long-term relationship with a married man named Stephen. Surprisingly, Stephen has now moved in with Moreblessing and her other “husband,” Beven Nyamoto, causing quite a stir in their one-room dwelling.

The unconventional living arrangement has reached a point where Moreblessing’s cousin, Zvikomborero Mudzinge, felt compelled to seek alternative accommodation. Zvikomborero, whose mother is the sister of Moreblessing’s mother, suspects that some kind of charm or manipulation must have been involved in convincing Stephen to cohabit with the couple. He expressed his bewilderment at how his sister managed to resolve the issue, suggesting that Stephen’s unemployment might have played a role.

However, both Moreblessing and Nyamoto have a different explanation for Stephen’s presence in their home. They claim that Stephen is merely a relative who sought shelter with them after facing financial difficulties due to unpaid work. When H-Metro visited their residence, Moreblessing was present with Nyamoto, while Stephen was occupied serving customers at their tuckshop.

Nyamoto clarified that Stephen is like a younger brother to him and that Stephen had been working as a gardener for a neighbour until he experienced payment issues. Nyamoto denied any romɑntic involvement between Moreblessing and Stephen, accrediting the spreading of such rumours to Zvikomborero, who he claims is in a conflict with Moreblessing over accommodating her husband’s relatives. Nyamoto even stated that Stephen sleeps in the tuckshop.

Contrary to Nyamoto’s assertions, it was discovered that there is no familial connection between Nyamoto and Stephen. Nevertheless, Stephen confirmed that he would vacate the premises once he secures new employment, emphasizing that he is living there solely due to his temporary joblessness.

Moreblessing vehemently denied the allegations of having two husbands, attributing the rumours to her brother’s disapproval of her accommodating her husband’s relatives. She believes that Zvikomborero is spreading falsehoods about her out of resentment towards her husband’s family members whom she supports. Moreblessing has even resorted to involving the police to address Zvikomborero’s behaviour, as he continues to spread misinformation about her.

This unusual living arrangement has captivated the attention of the local community, with neighbours and onlookers intrigued by the complexities of the situation. As the story unfolds, one can only wonder about the dynamics at play and how this peculiar domestic arrangement will ultimately resolve itself.

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