By-elections fiasco: CCC leadership in emergency meeting to determine next move


Opposition party CCC contemplates next move following by-election exclusion

The leadership of the Citizens Coalitions for Change (CCC) is convening today to discuss the party’s course of action after being barred from participating in the recent by-elections, which resulted in Zanu PF securing seven out of the nine vacant National Assembly seats. Additionally, the ruling party gained four council seats, three in Bulawayo and one in Masvingo, in an election marked by low voter turnout.

The by-elections were prompted by the recall of several legislators and councillors by self-imposed CCC interim secretary-general Sengezo Tshabangu, who sought to remove candidates elected in the August 23-24 harmonized elections. While the main CCC faction, led by Nelson Chamisa, successfully renominated the recalled MPs and councillors, Tshabangu applied to the High Court to have them removed from the ballot paper. His application was granted, resulting in the CCC candidates being unable to participate in the by-elections.

The opposition party now finds itself at a crossroads, with some members reportedly advocating for a withdrawal from Parliament as a form of protest against the electoral debacle. CCC organizing secretary Amos Chibaya confirmed that the party’s national assembly would meet in the capital to deliberate on the way forward. He stated, “The citizens national assembly is going to meet tomorrow (today) in the capital. This is where we are going to come up with a decision we are going to take and we are going to call a Press conference after the meeting.”

In response to the announcement of the by-election results, CCC national spokesperson Promise Mkwananzi issued a statement condemning the elections as a display of the regime’s determination to undermine democracy and deny citizens their right to vote for representatives of their choice. Mkwananzi highlighted the low voter turnout and a high number of spoiled ballots as indicative of the people’s frustration and impatience with the regime’s actions.

He further emphasized that the party had taken all necessary legal steps to ensure the inclusion of its candidates on the ballot and expressed disappointment that citizens had to resort to court intervention to secure their rightful place in the elections. Mkwananzi announced that CCC would file a formal complaint with the Judicial Service Commission in response.

The outcome of the CCC’s leadership meeting will shape the party’s future path, as they seek to navigate the challenges posed by their exclusion from the recent by-elections. The opposition party faces critical decisions regarding their parliamentary presence and ongoing engagement in the political landscape as they strive to uphold democratic principles and the rights of citizens to choose their representatives.

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