Curiosity turns deadly as boy (13) shoots and kills friend (15) in disturbing experiment


Tragic shooting unveils disturbing chain of events: 13-year-old boy confesses to fatally shooting 15-year-old friend

In a harrowing incident that left a community in shock, a 13-year-old boy has admitted to shooting and killing his 15-year-old friend. Startling details emerged during the police investigation, revealing the motive behind the tragic act.

On 11 November, at a residence in Chiedza Suburb, Karoi, a distressing event took place. Initially reported to the police as a sudden death incident caused by an unknown object exploding after being thrown into a fire, further examination uncovered a different truth.

Authorities discovered that the victim met his untimely demise due to a gunshot wound to the head. The investigation led to a shocking revelation — the 13-year-old suspect confessed to the police that he wanted to test the lethality of the firearm.

The suspect obtained the pistol from his 10-year-old friend, who, in turn, had access to it through his elder brother, Takudzwa Saini, aged 18. The weapon in question was identified as a 0.32 Revolver Taurus pistol.

The haunting admission showcased the alarming curiosity of the young assailant, who expressed a desire to see if the gun could cause harm. Tragically, his experimentation resulted in the loss of his 15-year-old friend’s life.

The incident has left the community grappling with the devastating consequences of such actions. The police investigation continues as they strive to comprehend the full extent of the circumstances surrounding this heartbreaking event.

“Police in Karoi are investigating a case of murder which occurred on 11/11/23 at a house in Chiedza suburb. The case was initially reported to the police as a sudden death incident in which a male juvenile (15) died after being hit in the eye with an unknown object.”

“The object had allegedly exploded after it was thrown in the fire by the victim. Investigations by the Police revealed that the victim was shot by another male juvenile (13) on the head with a 0.32 Revolver Taurus pistol.”

“The suspect confessed to the Police that he wanted to find out if the firearm kills. The suspect was given the pistol by his friend, a male juvenile (10). The pistol belongs to Takudzwa Saini (18) who is the suspect’s friend’s elder brother (18),” reads the statement.

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