ZRP sternly warns public against selling, buying or lighting fireworks as New Year’s eve approaches

Ass-Comm Paul Nyathi

As the final hours of 2023 approach, many individuals may be tempted to ring in the New Year with dazzling fireworks displays. However, the Zimbabwe Republic Police has issued a stern warning to the public, emphasizing that the sale and use of fireworks are not only illegal but also pose significant dangers to both humans and animals.

National police spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi, highlighted the serious fire hazards associated with fireworks, along with the potential physical and psychological harm they can cause. He made it clear that law enforcement will take decisive action against anyone found selling, purchasing, or igniting fireworks, urging the public to refrain from engaging in this practice.

Assistant Commissioner Nyathi underscored the distressing impact fireworks can have on animals, inducing confusion, anxiety, and fear. These adverse effects often result in animals fleeing from their homes and onto the streets, thereby endangering both themselves and members of the public who may encounter them. Injuries due to bites and accidents can occur as a result.

Moreover, fireworks also pose a significant risk to human safety, particularly for children who may be oblivious to the inherent dangers. Assistant Commissioner Nyathi cited past incidents where individuals have suffered limb loss due to mishandling firecrackers. The potential for harm, injury, or even loss of life is very real.

The police force has pledged to maintain a heightened presence and vigilant patrols to ensure public security throughout the festive season. Assistant Commissioner Nyathi called upon the cooperation of the public, urging them to report any suspicious activities or criminal acts to the authorities.

“We are collaborating with other security agencies and stakeholders to ensure adequate crime preventive measures during the festive season,” stated Assistant Commissioner Nyathi.

In addition to the police’s concerns, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) has voiced support for the ban on fireworks. The SPCA emphasized that fireworks can inflict trauma and harm upon animals, further urging the public to act responsibly.

As the year draws to a close, it is essential for individuals to heed the warnings issued by law enforcement and animal welfare organizations. The allure of fireworks should not overshadow the potential risks they pose. By refraining from the use of fireworks, we can collectively ensure the well-being and safety of ourselves, our beloved animals, and the wider community.

As the New Year approaches, let us celebrate responsibly and prioritize the safety and welfare of all.

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