Unforgettable journey as I introduced my white husband to the Zimbabwean rural village


Humorous tale of challenges in inter-racial relationships

In the diaspora, a significant number of Zimbabweans find themselves in inter-racial relationships, including myself and two of my sisters. While some people may express disapproval or curiosity about our choices, today I want to share a funny story that sheds light on the challenges faced in such relationships.

It all began when my European husband agreed to visit my homeland, Zimbabwe, to enjoy the full experience of marrying a Zimbabwean woman.

One major concern I had was his irrational fear of cockroaches. My husband possessed an unparalleled phobia of these creepy crawlies. I recall a vacation in New York when a blood-curdling scream erupted from the bathroom. In a panic, I rushed towards the source of the commotion, accidentally breaking my phone in the process. To my surprise, it was a harmless roach that had triggered such terror. While I acknowledged that roaches are repulsive pests, I never imagined someone could be so genuinely terrified of them.

Attempting to explain this to my Zimbabwean father without emasculating my husband proved challenging. I informed my father that it was my husband’s first time in Africa and suggested hiring professionals to ensure a pest-free environment. Fortunately, there wasn’t a roach in sight when we finally made our way to the village. Since then, “I will infest your home with roaches” has become an ongoing joke within our family.

My second concern revolved around how some villagers treated the family pets, particularly the dogs. It was not uncommon for our Rhodesian Ridgeback, Bhoki, to be kicked for daring to beg for scraps under the table. I knew my husband would find this treatment needlessly cruel and unacceptable. So, I decided to be direct with my father, requesting that he avoids mistreating the dogs when my husband visited. Having been to Europe several times himself, my father understood the significance of treating dogs with love and kindness, as cruelty towards animals is considered a crime there.

To my delight, the visit went smoothly, and my village folks have since become kinder to their canine companions, at least when we are around. It’s heartening to witness the positive changes that have taken place.

While inter-racial relationships may bring unique challenges, they also offer opportunities for cultural exchange and growth. Through humour and open communication, we navigate these hurdles and continue to celebrate the diversity that enriches our lives.

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