Drama at police station as nɑked woman storms charge office

File: Half nɑkǝd woman

In an astonishing turn of events, police officers stationed at Entumbane Police Station reportedly found themselves taken aback when a nude woman rushed into the charge office seeking assistance. This peculiar incident occurred on Sunday, 14th January, just two hours before midnight.

According to reports, an unknown assailant had forcibly stripped the woman and proceeded to inappropriately touch her while brandishing a threat to stab her. Overwhelmed with fear, she managed to break free from her attacker’s clutches and sought refuge at the nearby police station.

Initially, the sight of the woman, unclothed and approaching the charge office, stirred concerns among the officers. There were suspicions that she might be a disturbed individual or even a witch. However, as she sat down, attempting to conceal her modesty, the officers mustered the courage to attend to her.

In a composed and articulate manner, she recounted the harrowing ordeal to the police officers, who promptly provided her with clothing to wear.

According to a source familiar with the incident, the woman was walking home along a footpath when an unfamiliar man emerged from the shadows, calling out her name and urging her to wait for him. It was around 10 pm on Sunday when the man demanded money from her. When she refused, he forcibly dragged her to a secluded area a short distance away and threatened her with a knife.

Despite her attempts to defend herself, the man overpowered her, causing her to fall to the ground. While she was down, the assailant proceeded to inappropriately touch her, insisting that she comply with his demands, all while threatening her with the knife.

Having nothing to rob her of, the man stripped her naked and fled with her clothes. Determined to seek help, the woman gathered herself and sprinted to Entumbane Police Station to report the incident.

Inspector Abednico Ncube, the spokesperson for the Bulawayo police, confirmed the incident and took the opportunity to discourage community members from utilizing footpaths, citing numerous crimes that have occurred along these routes.

“We have recorded countless crimes that occur along footpaths as such we strongly discourage members of the public from using them as they would be putting their lives at risk,” Inspector Ncube advised.

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