Man’s family drives his wife away for failing to conceive, court drama unfolds


In a distressing turn of events, a woman from Harare was reportedly driven away from her husband’s home by his family after being unable to conceive during their 14-year marriage. The revelation came to light during a hearing at the Harare Magistrates Court, where Aleck Patsika was brought to trial by his estranged girlfriend, Melody Chitembo, whom he had impregnated.

Chitembo had sought a protection order against Patsika. According to court proceedings, Patsika’s sisters colluded with Chitembo to remove his wife from the residence while he was away, following the revelation of Chitembo’s pregnancy during their extramarital affair.

Upon his return, Patsika was taken aback to find Chitembo at his home. He claimed that his sisters informed him they had accepted Chitembo as their new sister-in-law, citing his wife’s inability to conceive as the reason for their actions.

Expressing remorse, Patsika informed the court that he regretted introducing Chitembo to his sisters. Chitembo, on the other hand, stated that Patsika had sent his sisters to escort her to live with him. She asserted that Patsika had entered into a customary marriage with her in November 2022 but abandoned her after his wife discovered their affair. Chitembo further accused him of denying paternity of their unborn child and forcibly evicting her from his residence.

However, Harare magistrate Tamara Chibindi dismissed Chitembo’s application, citing a lack of merit.

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