CCC factions on collision course: Showdown looms at national citizens assembly

Self-imposed CCC Secretary-General Sengezo Tshabangu

CCC factions headed for clash at National Citizens Assembly

Tensions are rising within the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) as two factions prepare to face off at the National Citizens Assembly today. The turmoil within the party was triggered by its leader, Nelson Chamisa, who recently abandoned the party, claiming that it had been taken over by the ruling Zanu PF party.

Now, with one faction supporting Chamisa and the other backing self-imposed interim secretary-general Sengezo Tshabangu, fears of a confrontation loom large.

Although details about the meeting are scarce, a group of CCC legislators has expressed their determination not to surrender the opposition party to impostors. Promise Mkwananzi, the national spokesperson for CCC, stated that a comprehensive statement outlining the party’s future plans would be released soon. He also dismissed the resolutions made at a recent meeting held in Gweru.

Caston Matewu, the co-spokesperson for the faction that convened in Gweru, confirmed the meeting and revealed that they had resolved to engage Chamisa in an effort to persuade him to resume his role as the party president. Matewu emphasized their commitment to remaining in CCC and refuted claims that they had aligned themselves with the Sengezo Tshabangu faction. He added that if talks with Chamisa failed, they would proceed with a congress to elect a new leader. Matewu further stated that the upcoming meeting in Harare would focus on charting a way forward for the party and that they would address the media afterward.

Chamisa’s departure from CCC has left some legislators in a state of uncertainty, with some opting to leave the party alongside their leader. Fadzayi Mahere, the MP for Mt Pleasant, resigned from the National Assembly in a letter addressed to Speaker Jacob Mudenda. Meanwhile, other legislators have taken to social media to announce their decision to follow Chamisa out of CCC, while some have chosen to remain steadfast. Richard Tsvangirai, the Norton legislator, declared his intention to remain in Parliament.

Adding to the confusion, Tshabangu confirmed the establishment of a national standing committee and stated that CCC was working to establish a foundation for democracy by building structures. Khaliphani Phugeni, a close ally of Tshabangu, announced the appointment of Nqobizitha Mlilo as the acting party spokesperson, with Caston Matewu and Discent Bajila serving as deputies.

However, CCC’s national spokesperson, Promise Mkwananzi, dismissed these new appointments, asserting that they were not legitimate. Mkwananzi clarified that CCC’s decisions were made by its supreme decision-making body, the Citizens National Assembly, with the assistance of provincial task forces and district clusters. He appealed for patience among CCC lawmakers, councillors, activists, members, local leaders, and supporters, urging them to await formal communication regarding the party’s future direction.

As the CCC factions prepare to clash at the National Citizens Assembly, the future of the party hangs in the balance. With diverging interests and competing leadership claims, the outcome of this confrontation will undoubtedly shape the political landscape in Zimbabwe.

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