Heartbreaking Tragedy: Woman stoned to death by husband in Marange village

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A man from Marange has been handed a life sentence for brutally stoning his wife to death in Murwira Village on April 13 of last year. The accused, Kudakwashe Kiven Chitsiku (37), was found guilty of murdering Sonile Chatizwa (22) after she left their home, accusing him of infidelity and abuse.

The sentence was delivered by Justice Isaac Muzenda of the Mutare High Court, who emphasized the heinousness and savagery of the crime. Evidence presented in court included a police certificate indicating that Chitsiku used three stones, two of which had sharp edges, weighing 5.3kg, 3.9kg, and 3.7kg respectively. Additionally, he used a brick weighing 4.25kg to perpetrate the assault.

The incident occurred at Chatizwa’s uncle’s residence in Marange, where she sought refuge, approximately 4km away from her marital home. Prior to the tragedy, Chatizwa had disclosed the extreme abuse she had endured at the hands of her unfaithful husband.

During the trial, led by Principal Law Officer Mr Malvern Musarurwa and witnessed by Mr Mwaionei Dhaure, Chitsiku’s uncle, it was revealed that on April 13, 2023, the witness observed the couple quarrelling at Ms Virginia Dhaure’s residence. However, the specific cause of their argument was not audible.

The court learned that the couple frequently engaged in disputes, often accusing each other of infidelity. Mr Dhaure testified, “I was passing by about 50 meters from where the accused person and the now deceased were quarrelling. I heard the now deceased calling, asking Chitsiku to stop.

“I saw the now deceased running towards me carrying her one-year, three-months-old-baby on her back with the accused person in hot pursuit, holding a brick.”

He continued, “The deceased tried to explain to me that her husband wanted to kill her despite the fact that their dispute had been solved at Chief Marange’s court.

“Before she could finish narrating what was happening, Chitsiku arrived holding the brick. Chatizwa tried to hide behind my back, but she was struck on the head with the brick.

“She fell on the ground and became unconscious. I tried to restrain Chitsiku, but I was overpowered. He snatched Chatizwa’s baby from her back. Chitsiku took a large stone and crushed Chatizwa’s head.

“She died on the spot. I alerted other villagers and reported the matter at Odzi Police Station.”

Another witness, Mr Teramai Chitima, from the same village, corroborated the events described by Mr Dhaure. Chitima stated that he was called upon by Mr Dhaure to help subdue Chitsiku but, from a distance, witnessed Chitsiku crushing Chatizwa’s head with a boulder held by both hands. After committing the crime, Chitsiku fled into the bush with a rope in his possession.

Following the attack, Chatizwa suffered a deep cut on the back of her head, as well as a similar injury on her forehead. The post-mortem report confirmed that Chatizwa succumbed to the injuries inflicted during this brutal assault.

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