Instead of uniting us, he was more focused on Nelson Chamisa: War vets mock ex-Minister Mutsvangwa


War veterans applaud President Mnangagwa’s decision to dismiss Christopher Mutsvangwa

Members of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) have expressed their support for President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s recent dismissal of Christopher Mutsvangwa as Veterans of the Liberation Struggle Affairs minister.

President Mnangagwa relieved Mutsvangwa of his duties on Saturday, although no specific reasons were provided for the dismissal. Speaking to journalists in Bulawayo, Andrease Mathibela, the national chairperson of the war veterans’ association, voiced their relief at the move.

Mathibela stated, “We as war veterans are relieved. He was a non-performer. We had high expectations as we had so many issues that we wanted the government to address, but to our disappointment, instead of engaging us, he was disengaging us, he was dividing us.”

“Instead of uniting us, he was more focused on Nelson Chamisa. Let’s discuss welfare issues. It is not the majority of us who subscribe to what is described as bootlickers.”

The association’s chairperson further expressed concerns about the lack of unity among war veterans due to poverty. He emphasized that not all war veterans aspire to rule the country but seek visionary leadership that provides opportunities for participation in the mainstream economy.

Highlighting the need for effective leadership, Mathibela said, “We are concerned over the absence of leadership that can take us to Canaan after 43 years. If some of us were not greedy, Zimbabwe would be the envy of many because it has resources.”

Mathibela accused Mutsvangwa of failing to deliver on his promises to the war veterans during his previous tenure as chairman. He expressed surprise at the President’s decision to reward a non-performer and raised concerns about the presence of individuals who do not have the country’s best interests at heart within President Mnangagwa’s circle.

“We are concerned that President Mnangagwa is still surrounded by so many people who do not mean well for our country. We have people who are greedy and are tribalists,” Mathibela added.

The dismissal of Mutsvangwa has generated mixed reactions within political circles, with war veterans expressing their support for the President’s decision while others await further clarification on the reasons behind the move. The implications of this development on future government policies and the dynamics within the war veterans’ association remain to be seen.

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