CCC in turmoil as councillors ‘join’ Nelson Chamisa’s blue movement


CCC councillors attend meeting led by former members eyeing new political outfit

In a bold move that may result in recalls for pledging loyalty to another political entity, several councillors elected on the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) ticket recently attended a meeting organized by former party members Gift Ostallos Siziba and Moses Chibaya. The gathering, held in Bulawayo, marked the initial steps toward establishing a new political outfit that has gained traction on social media under the leadership of Nelson Chamisa.

Chamisa, who resigned from CCC last month, saw attendees of the meeting don blue T-shirts emblazoned with the words “Democratic Alternative in Zimbabwe.” According to CITE, prominent CCC councillors present at the meeting included Donaldson Mabuto of Ward 9, Tinevimbo Maphosa of Ward 21, Bruce Mmeli Moyo of Ward 22, Mpumelelo Moyo of Ward 26, and Ephias Mambune of Victoria Falls. The event also saw the attendance of several recalled officials, such as former Ward 1 councillor Shepherd Sithole, former Lobengula-Magwegwe MP Eric Gono, and former Proportional Representation MP Stabile Mlilo.

Speaking at the gathering, Siziba, who had been recalled from Pelandaba-Tshabalala, addressed the audience, asserting his intention to expose those he believes have undermined CCC. He accused Zanu PF of attempting to dismantle the “authentic alternative in the country” while commending attendees for demonstrating their support for Chamisa.

Siziba alleged that some CCC members had been deceived by positions offered in Bulawayo, suggesting a connection to Sengezo Tshabagu, who instigated the recalls of numerous CCC MPs and councillors in the previous year. Referring to Tshabagu’s actions as “madness,” Siziba claimed to possess a “charge sheet” that would unveil the names of individuals collaborating with Tshabagu.

Furthermore, Siziba contended that certain individuals were attempting to revive the spirit of the late MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai, conveniently forgetting their past opposition to him. He accused these individuals of repeating their previous actions and “doing the same to Chamisa.”

Highlighting their aspirations, Siziba emphasized that their ultimate goal was not Parliament or council, but rather freedom and democracy for the people of Zimbabwe, a vision he asserted was led by Advocate Nelson Chamisa.

Taking aim at CCC leaders who claimed their selection occurred during a 2019 National Standing Committee meeting, Siziba indirectly referred to Vice Presidents Tendai Biti and Professor Welshman Ncube. He dismissed the notion of a standing committee within the people’s movement, stating that the MDC is the past, whereas the future lies with Nelson Chamisa and the people.

Siziba criticized the emphasis on education by certain leaders, emphasizing that politics is about the people and not about titles and declarations. He urged attendees to remain focused on the future and clarified that CCC is no longer the vehicle to achieve Zimbabwe’s aspirations. He called out those who sought positions and alleged that they were being aided by Zanu PF to maintain their positions.

As the political landscape in Zimbabwe continues to evolve, the meeting in Bulawayo signifies a significant turning point for CCC, with councillors risking potential recalls by showing allegiance to a new political entity aligned with Nelson Chamisa. The emergence of the Democratic Alternative in Zimbabwe poses a challenge to CCC’s standing and raises questions about the party’s future direction.

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