Hatcliffe woman who hospitalised after being brutally bashed by 5 women breaks silence


Five Hatcliffe women involved in the assault and public humiliation of a woman suspected of having an affair with a colleague’s husband will receive their verdict on Friday. Four of the accused, Zelpa Kanduza (19), Natasha Kanduza, Fortunate Tembo, and Olleyn Vinyungwi, have pleaded guilty to the assault, while Mitchel Kariwo denies the charges.

Until the ruling is delivered by presiding Magistrate Mr Gamuchirai Gore on Friday, all the accused will remain in custody. Additionally, Kariwo’s trial is scheduled to begin on February 20.

During court proceedings, it was revealed that the first four accused are married women who are not employed. Natasha initially misled the court by falsely claiming to be 17 years old, but her national identity document confirmed her actual age of 20.

In their plea for leniency, the four guilty parties expressed remorse and asked for forgiveness for their actions against the complainant, Alice Chaichai.

Chaichai, in her statement, highlighted the detrimental impact the incident had on her health and marriage. She mentioned that her eye is not functioning properly, and her legs are swollen. Furthermore, she implored the accused to tell the truth to her husband, who still suspects her of being involved in an affair with Zelpa’s spouse.

“My health was affected and my marriage. My eye is not functioning well and my legs are swollen.

“Also my husband does not believe that I’m not having an affair with Zelpa’s husband, may the accused kindly tell him the truth,” she said.

Prosecutor Ms Kenchelskis Ropi presented evidence in court, establishing that on February 1, at approximately 1 pm, the accused individuals arrived at stand number 4088 Hatcliffe Extension in Harare, searching for Chaichai. When Chaichai arrived later, Natasha confronted her, questioning her involvement with Zelpa’s husband. Chaichai denied the allegations, which infuriated the accused. They then collectively dragged her out of her house.

Once outside, the accused took turns assaulting Chaichai, repeatedly punching her across her body as she lay defenceless on the ground. Zelpa proceeded to kick her numerous times while others continued to punch her. Ultimately, they stripped Chaichai of her clothing, tearing her dress and undergarments, leaving her unconscious on the ground.

A compassionate bystander covered Chaichai with a cloth and sought medical help due to her injuries, including an eye injury and bruises on her legs. She was subsequently admitted to the hospital. Chaichai later filed a police report, leading to the arrest of the accused individual.

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