Sir Wicknell Chivayo: The 1994 Nkayi prophecy fulfilled


SIR Wicknell is a businessman who believes in destiny. He says that his wealth and generosity are the result of a prophecy that was made in 1994 in Nkayi, Matabeleland North province. The prophecy said that a man from the Johanne Masowe sect with a lot of money would buy cars for people like plain buns.

He shared this story when he recently appeared on Zimpapers’ radio station Capitalk 100.4 FM on the Champions League Breakfast hosted by Tinashe and Phathisani. He said that he wants to leave a legacy of being a loving and kind person who helps others.

“I want to leave a legacy where people will say that there was a man who was loving and kind. In 1994, there was a prophecy in Nkayi, that there is a prophet who will be born from the Johanne Masowe sect and he would have a lot of money. He will buy people cars as if he is buying plain buns,” said Sir Wicknell.

“This was said in 1994 and we are now in 2024 and what was interesting with that prophecy is that it said the person will buy everyone a car from the church. So I am thinking with the size of our church will I be able to do that? Will I be able to buy everyone from the church a car, the church has 3 million members. If I can do that it will show that I am rich.”

Sir Wicknell has been doing just that by giving away top of the range motor vehicles to celebrities in Zimbabwe. He has gifted musicians such as Mathias Mhere, Diana Samkange, Andy Muridzo, Jah Prayzah, and Sulumani Chimbetu with sleek Mercedes Benz models. He has also given cars to Zanu-PF politician Sandra Ndebele, Zimdancehall star Sir Calaz, and DJ Fantan.

All these cars were collected by the recipients from Exquisite Dealership in Harare.

Sir Wicknell said that he does not look for money, but money looks for him. He said that he once met an Indian businessman at Armani Hotel who offered him US$1 million out of the blue to do business in Zimbabwe. He said that the businessman told him that he had a certain spirit that attracted him and that he was the right person to work with.

“Giving makes you rich. I don’t look for money but money looks for me. It’s basically, that’s what happens. I once met a guy at the Armani Hotel eating breakfast. He said he was from India and wanted to do business in Zimbabwe and we exchanged numbers. Three days later he says he wants to come to Zimbabwe.

“He said he would put US$500 000 and in two weeks the other US$500 000, just like that he doesn’t know me that well. He said to me there is a certain spirit in me that tells me this is the right person I want and you are the one, my spirit is telling me that,” said Sir Wicknell.

He said that he can’t help everybody at the same time, but he will help where he can.

“I can’t help everybody at the same time. I love everybody. If I get money, I will find someone to help here and there.

“This month Phathisani wants an Aqua. I am a very nice person and a person who prays who spreads love and Pamberi nemusangano Zanu-PF,” said Sir Wicknell.

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