Supper choice turns deadly as man murders brother over relish disagreement


In a tragic and shocking incident that unfolded in July 2020, Nkululeko Mabhena was taken into custody after allegedly killing his own brother in a dispute over their supper relish preference. The unsettling confrontation between the siblings escalated to a horrifying extent, leading to the untimely demise of one brother and a subsequent arrest that has left the community reeling.

The altercation reportedly arose from a simple disagreement over their choice of relish. Nkululeko, driven by a craving for dried meat, clashed with his brother, who favoured okra. What began as a trivial difference in culinary preferences quickly spiralled out of control, shattering the tranquility of their shared household.

According to law enforcement officials, Nkululeko stands accused of resorting to extreme violence during the altercation, ultimately resulting in his brother’s death. Allegedly, in a fit of rage, he brandished a knife and inflicted a fatal wound to his brother’s chest. The severity of the attack caused lacerations to his brother’s left lung and liver, leading to his tragic demise.

Throughout the subsequent three-and-a-half years spent in remand prison, Nkululeko fervently denied any involvement in his brother’s murder. However, his claims of innocence were put to the test as the case unfolded in court. Nkululeko ultimately entered a limited plea of culpable homicide, suggesting acknowledgment of his role in the incident but contesting the intent behind the fatal stabbing.

In a surprising turn of events, Nkululeko was granted bail in the amount of US$100 by the court. Unfortunately, he was unable to raise the required funds, leaving him confined behind bars. The State, dissatisfied with the plea for a lesser charge, declined to accept it, emphasizing the gravity of the alleged offence.

During the court proceedings, evidence emerged that shed light on the events leading up to the fatal encounter. Testimony revealed that the brothers had been residing together and tensions had escalated dramatically following the supper dispute. Nkululeko claimed that his actions were an act of self-defence, asserting that his brother had threatened him with an axe handle, leaving him with no choice but to protect himself.

However, High Court Judge Evangelista Kabasa scrutinized Nkululeko’s claims, finding them insufficient to justify the level of violence exhibited. While acknowledging that Nkululeko had been slapped during the altercation, the judge asserted that the subsequent act of plunging a knife into his brother’s chest exceeded the boundaries of self-defence. The force behind the attack resulted in severe internal injuries that proved fatal. Although Nkululeko initially attempted to downplay his intent, suggesting the stabbing was accidental, he ultimately admitted to intentionally inflicting the fatal blow.

The tragic loss of life over a petty disagreement serves as a stark reminder of the devastating consequences that can arise from unchecked anger and a failure to resolve conflicts peacefully.

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