Unidentified Visitor: Tall dark ‘alien’ with 4 fingers on each hand causes a stir at Mpilo Hospital

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AN “alien” reportedly dropped from the sky, smacked into the middle of a road in Zimbabwe’s Nyamandlovu District.

Sources described the suspected extra-terrestrial being to B-Metro as: “a tall dark man with four fingers on each hand.”

He reportedly startled an ambulance crew from Mpilo Central Hospital in Bulawayo that had gone to Nyamandlovu in Matabeleland North Province to collect a patient in January this year, when he suddenly appeared in the middle of the road.

“If you have ever watched the Mr Bean series, there is a part at the start of the episodes, where Rowan Atkinson is suddenly splattered onto a pavement in a halo of light as if he’s arriving from outer space.

This being, appeared in much the same way,” said a source on condition of anonymity.

“Although it was the height of summer with heatwaves being the in-thing, the stranger on the road was swathed in layers of clothing, suggesting he could have come from an extremely cold place, like outside the earth’s atmosphere,” said a source at Mpilo Central Hospital, where the suspected alien has been admitted.

To add to the mystery, the suspected cosmic traveller does not speak any of the 16 official languages in Zimbabwe.

Authorities at the hospital, who are trying to trace his origins have been stumped, as they cannot communicate with him.

A patient who was recently discharged from the hospital, told the B-Metro that most people, including staff at the institution believed the strange person was from another planet.

“We have been hearing about this alien, who has four fingers and we all wanted to see him. The staff firmly believe he could be one of those beings we read about in novels, who come from other galaxies.

We hear he speaks in a strange language with many clicking sounds,” said the patient.

A staffer at the institution said it was possible the stranger was from another country in Africa and could have fallen from a supernatural flying saucer while on a witchcraft mission.

Mpilo Central Hospital chief executive officer, Dr Narcisius Dzvanga, said he was not aware of the issue and referred questions to the institution’s relations officer Matron Norma Mabhena.

Sister Mabhena was unreachable.

However, she told the media earlier during the week that the hospital was looking for the relatives of a man with four fingers.

“We have an unknown patient in our wards, who was brought in by the ambulance team on January 4 to Mpilo. He was heavily dressed like someone who lives in a country with very low temperatures and although we suspected that he was a mental patient, we discovered he was normal,” she said.

“We also tried going through his belongings to establish his name at least, but we got nothing. He had a piece of paper written something which is of no value and hence we are stuck. He has recovered and is 100 percent healthy but we cannot communicate with him or take him anywhere, as we are not sure of his identity.”

Sr Mabhena said several interpreters had been engaged to help the man but he does not understand any Zimbabwean language.

Sr Mabhena said despite claims that the man could have been involved in witchcraft when he was picked, the hospital could not confirm that as the patient came in seeking medical attention.

“We appeal to members of the public to help us locate his relatives, so that he can be reunited with them. Our patient is tall, dark and has visible marks on his hands, which both have four fingers each. He is a bubbly person and very sociable, just that he struggles to communicate with fellow patients.”

She said anyone with information should contact the hospital on +263 292 212011-9. BMetro.

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