No to mushikashika and touts: 171 mahwindi ARRESTED!

File pic: Touts hanging on a kombi

Crackdown on illegal transport operators intensifies across Zimbabwe

In a decisive move to address the persistent issue of unlawful public transport activities, the Zimbabwean authorities have recently stepped up their enforcement efforts nationwide.

On June 3rd, 2024, the police conducted a targeted operation dubbed “No to Mushikashika and Touts,” resulting in the arrest of 171 touts across the country. This latest wave of arrests brings the cumulative number of tout apprehensions to a staggering 2,184.

Concurrently, the authorities also took action against motorists engaging in the unauthorized “mushikashika” (illegal taxi) services, arresting 768 individuals. This latest crackdown has pushed the total number of motorists arrested for these infractions to 6,803.

The intensified law enforcement efforts underscore the government’s determination to tackle the long-standing problems associated with the proliferation of touts and illegal transport operators. These unlawful practices have long been a thorn in the side of commuters and authorities alike, contributing to traffic congestion, safety concerns, and the erosion of formal public transport systems.

The latest crackdown is part of a broader national initiative that has seen law enforcement agencies across Zimbabwe collaborate to address the complex challenges posed by the proliferation of touts and illegal taxi services. Authorities have vowed to maintain the momentum of these operations, underscoring their unwavering commitment to tackling this long-standing issue.

With the cumulative arrests now reaching staggering numbers, the authorities are sending a clear message that the crackdown on illegal transport operators will remain a top priority in their efforts to restore order and ensure the safety of commuters across Zimbabwe.

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