Prosecutor Pardon Dziva gets 10 years in jail after demanding US$20,000 bribe from Henietta Rushwaya


In a startling development that sent shockwaves through Zimbabwe’s legal landscape, Pardon Dziva, a highly respected prosecutor, has been handed a severe sentence of 10 years behind bars. The Harare High Court’s decision came after Dziva was found guilty of demanding a bribe amounting to US$20,000 from Henietta Rushwaya, who had previously been convicted of smuggling by a Harare High Court Judge.

The illicit scheme unravelled on an ominous day in November 2023 when Dziva, the first accused, allegedly approached Wellington Takavarasha, seeking a substantial sum of money in exchange for a more lenient sentence for Rushwaya. Sensing the gravity of the situation, Takavarasha wasted no time in alerting Rushwaya’s sister, Helliate Rushwaya, regarding the prosecutor’s shocking demand.

Recognizing the urgent need to address the issue, Helliate Rushwaya swiftly reported the matter to the Zimbabwe Republic Police Anti-Corruption Unit. Determined to catch the culprits red-handed, law enforcement agencies devised a meticulous plan. Helliate Rushwaya agreed to meet the accused individuals at CABS Centre, to hand over the demanded bribe.

However, Helliate Rushwaya insisted on delivering the money exclusively to Pardon Dziva, the primary accused. Consequently, the trio convened at a discreet rendezvous point, Kebbab Restaurant in Milton Park, where Dziva was present. Seizing the moment, Helliate Rushwaya carefully transferred the marked currency to Dziva before authorities swiftly swooped in and apprehended both individuals.

The first accused person was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment of which 2 years was suspended for 5 years on condition that he does not commit a similar offence. The second accused person was sentenced to 8 years imprisonment of which 2 years was suspended for 5 years.

The conclusion of this trial has sent shockwaves through the legal community, highlighting the importance of integrity and trust within Zimbabwe’s judicial system. It serves as a stern reminder that no one is above the law, regardless of their position or influence. The National Prosecuting Authority of Zimbabwe, responsible for upholding justice, has taken a firm stance against corruption, ensuring that those who betray the public’s trust face the full consequences of their actions.

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