A minimum of $50 per person to attend Prophet Walter Magaya’s church conference


LILONGWE – Renowned Zimbabwean prophet, Walter Magaya, has made a grand arrival in Malawi, captivating the nation with his presence ahead of a highly anticipated two-day spiritual conference. However, the hefty attendance fee of K100,000 (which is about US$50) has ignited a fiery debate, leaving many questioning the accessibility and inclusivity of such a transformative event.

Prophet Magaya, accompanied by a retinue of followers, descended upon Kamuzu International Airport on a sunny Friday afternoon, greeted by devoted supporters and local religious leaders. The atmosphere was electric as the prophet’s arrival signaled the beginning of an extraordinary gathering that promises to impart invaluable knowledge and spiritual enlightenment.

The conference, scheduled to take place at the prestigious Bingu International Convention Centre (BICC) on July 6th and 7th, has sparked immense interest among believers and seekers of divine guidance across Malawi. However, it is the attendance fee that has drawn both admiration and criticism within the religious community.

Prophet P Gondwe, the leader of Good News Ministries and the local host of the event, shed light on the conference’s objectives and emphasized the significance of Prophet Magaya’s teachings. In an exclusive interview, he stated, “He [Magaya] will be focusing on leadership teachings, mentoring leaders into becoming the best at their leadership ability. He will also be mentoring us spiritually. So for men of God, they will be taught on how to run a successful ministry. What kind of mistakes to avoid, what to focus on in order to manifest the grace of the Lord in our lives.”

The conference aims to provide attendees with profound insights into various aspects of life, including business, leadership, entrepreneurship, healing, and deliverance. Prophet Magaya, described by Gondwe as his spiritual father, is set to share his wisdom and experience, empowering participants to excel in their respective fields.

However, the K100,000 attendance fee has raised concerns about the accessibility of such an event, particularly for individuals with limited financial means. While Gondwe acknowledged that some participants were contributing more than the minimum fee, he urged those with fewer resources to contact the organizers for guidance on participation. “Our wish is to make sure that everyone takes part in this powerful conference,” he emphasized.

The debate surrounding the attendance fee reflects the larger question of inclusivity in religious gatherings. Critics argue that a significant fee excludes those who may benefit the most from the spiritual teachings and guidance offered at the conference. They call for a more inclusive approach that accommodates individuals from various socio-economic backgrounds.

On the other hand, supporters of the conference defend the fee, emphasizing the value of the knowledge and spiritual encounters that participants will gain. They argue that the investment in one’s spiritual growth and personal development is paramount, aligning with the biblical adage that “wisdom is the principal thing.”

Walter Magaya, the charismatic leader of the Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Ministries, is a man who has become synonymous with controversy. Since his ministry’s inception in 2012, Magaya has been a lightning rod for public scrutiny, navigating a tumultuous path marked by allegations of sexual impropriety, financial misdeeds, and questionable pronouncements.

Born on November 6, 1983, Magaya’s rise to prominence is a tale often told in whispers and speculation. Some recount his humble beginnings as a money-changer on the streets of Harare, while others paint a picture of a fruit vendor in the dormitory town of Chitungwiza. Regardless of the specific details, there is a consensus that his trajectory changed dramatically after a trip to TB Joshua’s Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN) in Nigeria.

His fortunes changed for the better after he came back from a trip to TB Joshua’s the Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN).

From those humble beginnings in Chitungwiza’s Unit L, PHD Ministries grew rapidly, attracting a devoted following that soon outgrew its initial space. The ministry relocated to more spacious grounds in Waterfalls, near the iconic Zindoga shops, signifying a significant shift in its influence.

However, as the church’s influence expanded, so too did the controversies surrounding its leader. Allegations of sexual misconduct, false prophecies, financial impropriety, and even violence have dogged Magaya throughout his career.

The first major scandal to rock Magaya’s ministry involved the death of Chipo Chakanyuka, who died mysteriously in a Botswana prison. Chakanyuka was allegedly pregnant at the time of her death and was said to be ready to reveal the identity of the father, a revelation that was tragically cut short.

Many suspect that was planted gold, suspecting  that there could be a possible cover-up surrounding Chakanyuka’s death.

Two years later, in 2016, another allegation of sexual impropriety surfaced when Petronella Donhodzo accused Magaya of rape. The case was ultimately dropped after Donhodzo withdrew her plea, leaving many questioning the circumstances surrounding its dismissal.

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