Beginner’s Methods Of Winning Bets Without Losing


Picking up something new is bound to have a couple of mishaps along the way. Especially for something as complex as betting. And although you will inevitably lose some wagers, there are methods to avoid most of the hustle and win big right from the get-go. In this article we will cover several of them, giving you a form of comprehensive advice that will surely come in handy as you take your first steps to becoming a proper punter. Advice like: “How to bet on 1xBet?“, “What types of stakes should you avoid?” and so on and so forth.

You Can’t Win Them All

Confidence in yourself is without a doubt a good perk. But too much of it can and will lead to ruin. Early on, while your knowledge is limited and your experience is still shallow, you should learn two things: A. Bet with caution and B. Losses are just a part of the process.

What do we mean by that? Well, wagering too much and on odds way too high for you to be sure whether they will pay out or not is never a good thing. And secondly, you should just accept your losses, learn from them, and analyse them scrupulously. Only then will you be able to grow.

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Parlays Aren’t for You

Accumulators, also known as parlays, are a type of bet that allows punters to put multiple consecutive wagers into one big one. Why exactly are they so bad? Well, they are risky, and you want to minimise the risks at this stage. Practically speaking, a parlay is a lottery, and when you are just starting out, you lack the grasp needed to actually win one. So, we recommend you forgo them for now and focus on other wager types.

Knowledge Is the Key

Information is crucial in the world of betting, vital even. Without the extensive knowledge of sports you are wagering on, such as teams, players, and such, your chances of success dwindle. Research and comprehension are a must, as are statistical data and analytical skills. We suggest you take your time and, if not immerse yourself in learning about the various aspects of the sport, at least gain a grasp of and the know-how of its inner workings.

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Best Types of Bets for Beginners

There are several betting markets in which you are more likely to win. They are singles, double chances, and over/under.

The first one is the most basic stake type there is. You simply place a bet on one team or the other. No unnecessary complications, plain and simple. Which is exactly what you are looking for when starting out. Something uncomplicated may seem dull, yet it is the best way to improve.

The second allows you to place a wager on whether one team will win or tie, another team will win, or one of two teams will win. This minimises the risks and increases the probability of the successful bet by up to 66%, whereas there is only a 33% probability in more conventional betting types. You should abuse this loophole as much as possible, despite the fact that the odds are not the greatest.

Last but certainly not least, we have an over/under bet. This one presents you with a prediction from the bookmaker, containing their idea of a total score in any given game, which is the absolute number of points scored by both teams. You will only need to choose whether the score will be higher or lower. An easy in its excellency betting market, which will greatly increase your win statistics.

Trust not the Game, but the Platform

If you indeed want to win, you’ve got to pick the right platform on which to bet. There are numerous bookmakers available, and your decision will very well impact your performance. Try looking for the most reputable website, with an extensive history of predictions that were mostly correct. The bigger, the better. Platforms like 1xBet will probably suffice. If you, however, do not really find them attractive, you should most definitely check out lists of all bookmakers available in Nigeria, which are plenty to find online.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, betting is not as simple as it may look. There are plenty of variables which must be taken into consideration. We do hope that these recommendations will help you on your way to becoming a real-deal proper punter and that fortune’s grace will leave you not. One final piece of advice is going to be: bet with your mind and not your heart. You have not come here to simply wager on your favourite team. Money does not like emotions. And by quelling them, you will be able to achieve greatness. May luck be with you and your pockets be full.

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