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Sir Wicknell Chivayo's biography - Businessman Wicknell Chivayo's history (with photos) After a 31-year-old Zimbabwean businessman bragged so much about his wealth, My Zimbabwe News crew decided to get a closer look t the life of an ex-convict, 'Sir' Wicknell Munodaani Chivayo.

Chivayo, who is also known as B.I.G or Sir Wicknell on Facebook, is associated with too much flamboyance. The businessman is a millionaire whose fortune cannot be clearly explained or traced to the core. According to him, if you are not his close friend, then you are a "poor hater", his Facebook fans can testify to this.

Sir Wicknell Chivayo's biography - Businessman Wicknell Chivayo's history (with photos) Chivayo, whose command of English is of inferior standard, has posted so many photos on Facebook while in the company of Zimbabwe's "Big Shots" with MDC-T president Morgan Tsvangirai, Spirit Embassy Founder Uebert Angel, Late Vice President John Nkomo, Zanu PF Chairman Simon Khaya Moyo, Meikles Hotel owner John Moxon, mining business mogul Mutumwa Mwawere, Minister of Home Affairs Kembo Mohadi being just a few of the high-profile well known people he has posed for a photo-shoot with.

The youthful businessman whose core business still remains a mystery to many, resides at House Number 14 Stanchart Lane, Greystone Park in Harare. He was born on 22 November 1982 and attended his primary education at Dudley Hall Primary School in Norton. He comes from Gandami area in Chivhu and his family elders are said to have been members of CIO, a claim that My Zimbabwe News could not confirm.

According to information gathered by My Zimbabwe News, Chivayo's father died in the early 1990s when the B.I.G who by then was barely 10 years old and had a normal-sized body then. His father is said to have died in a car accident. His mother toiled for her children's survival from the time her husband died. She is said to have been a cross border trader who would sell her wares in South Africa. By then the family were living at their house in Chitungwiza.

Sir Wicknell Chivayo's biography - Businessman Wicknell Chivayo's history (with photos)According to Wicknell's Facebook account, he did his Secondary education at Cranborne Boys High School in Harare, but according to My Zimbabwe's sources, he in fact went to Churchill High School before transferring to some Roman Catholic boarding school, supposedly for only one year, if ever he really transferred. The youthful millionaire, arguably Zimbabwe's richest youngster, is a self-confessed Form 2 drop-out.

Sources who claim to have learnt at the same school with Chivayo revealed that he was truly intelligent at school and a good crammer but was economically disadvantaged. Photos of his childhood days can support these claims to a greater extent.

Sir Wicknell Chivayo's biography - Businessman Wicknell Chivayo's history (with photos)Upon quitting school at Form 2 in 1996, B.I.G surprisingly got a job at a local bus company where he worked as a wages clerk. he was only 15 years old and that was in 1997. That is the same year he bought his first cellphone. My Zimbabwe could not immediately ascertain when he left the company and for what reason(s) but sources say the guy eventually became an illegal money changer at Harare's Union Avenue Flea Market years later. Union Avenue is now Kwame Nkrumah Avenue and the Flea Market was closed in 2005 during Operation Murambatsvina.

But after being an illegal foreign currency dealer, B.I.G, a known ex-convict who spent about two years at Chikurubi Maximum Prison, acknowledges that he once developed 'sticking fingers' - a theft/fraud crime which saw him turning into an overnight millionaire.

In an UNEDITED quoted piece of text reportedly written by Wicknell in February last year, the self-proclaimed richest youth said:

"I was born rich and when i strugled behind bars i was alone, when i was starving u ddnt mention my life, now that i am enjoying life to th full u are a to my throat, u haters are so hillarious, wait and see, very soon i have a deal that will make me even more richer that Philip Chiyangwa, and i will be at another level, for your own bloody info, i dropped out school at Form 2, and i proceeded to make it in life, now people with degrees are my employess, can u see how funny life far i value myself at $15 million dollars"

Chivayo allegedly narrated how he stole US$6 million from a white investor in Vic Falls.

Sir Wicknell Chivayo's biography - Businessman Wicknell Chivayo's history (with photos) "I got into prison, from 2004 to 2006, serving a 10-year jail term of which the other 8 were suspended on condition that i musnt commit the same crime, i paid hard for it and i have no need to hide it, i went with my other 2 friends, wearing our brand new suits to Victoria Falls with our FAKE business proposal, and we approached a certain white guy that we have started a tyre company, he was hooked and we showed him the costs, so the breakout was he could send us money for rubber to be imported from Kenya, some trucks, some cars, building materials, working capital, and other staff like that, so he only took 3 weeks to send us 6 million US$, and i shared with my other dudes to make it 2 million per person, we took advantage of the inflation and we made a fortune out of it, since then i have never gone broke, so for your own info haters, i first got my $2million when i was just 20 years and u haters will never even dream of getting that lump sum.... since then i started to hustle world wide, but let me confess that all the allegations i was accused of those peanuts last year (in 2012) were completely falls (false), R2million is just peanuts," reads another unedited Chivayo's alleged confession.

But his critics still strongly oppose his 'confessions'. They say there are still more shaddy deals the businessman dipped his fingers into for him to acquire his wealth. Others accuse him of being a gay and making money out of it. The infamous faceless Facebook blogger, Baba Jukwa, is one perfect example.

"I was shocked to here Wicknell Chivayo lashing out at people while he never fulfilled his promise he made to Tendai Elvis Faku a small boy who was arrested for armed robbery and set to be released in 2018. Chivayo constantly sodomised this boy while serving a jail term for fraud in year 2000. Since we are all know how fraudsters operates he always promised the boy that he will hire a lawyer for him while he is released so his sentence is reduced and the desperate boy gave his back to shapeless Chivayo who was known as B.I.G," an unedited post by Baba Jukwa was published on his Facebook Page on 1 June 2013.

Several other sources who knew Chivayo from school and only identified themselves as Kaguvi and Guvhu claimed that they started seeing gay tendencies on Wicknell back at Primary School and also during his days as a forex dealer.

"Kaguvi was it at Churu (Churchill Boys High) or Dudley hall when the fat fool started showing gay tendencies?" asked Guvhu.

"At Dudley hall and even in union avenue he used to dress like a woman," replied Kaguvi and further claimed that Wicknell used to steal other students' belongings.

"You used to steal my underwear which had my name tags on them. You and Stanley (surname withheld), what a bad team of thieves, stealing pens, pencils, vacation money from other students, you played cricket, was always invited to Mr (name withheld)'s house I suspect you where gay because the guy wasn't married," said Kaguvi.

Some of B.I.G's Facebook fans further accused him of engaging in same sex relationships with even high profile politicians, but they all remain mere accusations with little to no evidence. However, the 31-year-old man is still unmarried and stays with his mother when he is not out of the country.

In 2011 Chivayo was arrested on allegations of swindling 2 Million Rands (US$200,000) from different companies and individuals. He was accused of purchasing a number of shelf companies in South Africa which he allegedly used to swindle 2 Million Rands from different companies. The businessman was on the run for several months before eventually surrendering himself to police. He was then granted a US$2,000 bail and hired a high-powered defence lawyer Joseph James who saw him being acquitted of all the seven counts of fraud and one of money laundering that he was facing.

In 2012, Chivayo grabbed headlines when workers at a Harare Car Sale allegedly saw a huge snake in his pricey BMW X6 vehicle. According to the car sale employees, Wicknell allegedly said to them "hamuzive nyoka here?" when they informed him that they had spotted a snake in his car. But the wealthy businessman vehemently denied both the snake claim and the utterances he was accused of having said before blaming it all on "haters who can't compete with me in business".

Despite being full of flamboyance, Wicknell runs a very exciting page on Facebook where he literally parades his wealth and success. Inasmuch as most of his fans attack him for bragging about his riches, a lot of them have openly acknowledged that his page is one of the most exciting Zimbabwean pages. with only 27,000 followers, each of his posts boasts of attracting over 100 likes and over 200 comments.

Sir Wicknell Chivayo's biography - Businessman Wicknell Chivayo's history (with photos) One of Sir Wicknell's posts that My Zimbabwe News has picked at random reads: "who gives a F*CK what a hater gotta say this is how GAY people hug GIRLS now that's what's up....." - Posted on 14 June 2013 with an embedded photo of himself explicitly grabbing a woman's butt.

Another one reads: "tell me im over weight, ugly , etc but your SISTERS and your MOTHERS are stressing me in my inbox...With my broken english just give me just 30 minutes with your mother she will introduce me to you as your STEP FATHER and besides a LION IS NOT REALLY CONCERNED ABOUT THE OPINION OF A SHEEP....."


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Its fine if this guy isn't killing in order to be rich.
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Quoting Fair and Square:
Its fine if this guy isn't killing in order to be rich.

who knows ,stealing or decieving someone is as good as killing coz it can cause the victim a heart attack or any disease due to stress
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Anoda size chaiyo puss
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I've done the maths and things are not adding up. But the conclusion I've made is,who ever this guy is, he's quite peculiar in the sense that he started school, when he was only 3yrs old. When he was only 10 yrs he was finishing primary school. Mmmm! I'm not sure whetheri should finish reading the rest of the article. #getyourfactsrightbe forereporting. This is misleading.
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How Come
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Interesting facts, he was born in 1982. 10 yrs later he was doing grade 7 at Dudley Hall & in 1996 he was now form 2. Whoever this guy is no-one has the correct information on how he became wealthy. He is a shadow figure.
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i mboko yemunhu musatanist.whn he dies he will go 2 hell dats 4 sure pokello dnt be seen in@public with dis guy he is no gud son of a bitch dofo remunhu.vanayo mari dey dnt talk.
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idya mari yako hama , zvagara vanhu vanofara kana uchitambura but when GOD remembers you people will begin to say a lot . enjoy mari yako , usakanganwe JEHOVHA chete ,nevabereki vako .
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